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2/1/2017 (Wednesday, 06:04 PM):
Had fun volunteering as a science fair judge today thru work! Coca Cola is not the most corrosive soda to your teeth. Special K has just as much iron as they say they do. And the Great Barrier Reef only has about a decade left.

2/1/2013 (Friday, 01:54 PM):
Some people just don't get good bad humor.
Concerts: AVICII at Stadium Armory


2/1/2012 (Wednesday, 06:36 PM):
Last night Bjork was on the Colbert Report and it was awesome!

2/1/2012 (Wednesday, 06:33 AM):
Excited for The Chemical Brothers Don't Think movie in the theaters! Just got my ticket!

2/1/2011 (Tuesday, 10:44 AM):
Good thing I left MA when I did, my mom said they got a ton of snow there.

2/1/2011 (Tuesday, 09:49 AM):
Still upset over nothing but learning how to deal with it.

2/1/2010 (Monday, 07:40 PM):
Nothing like listening to Imogen Heap after a long day of work!

2/1/2008 (Friday, 10:31 AM):
I have a function which calls today's date from a view, because today's date isn't allowed in a function, you have to put it in a view, and I tried to run this today, I just think it's a really neat and interesting bug!!

2/1/2005 (Tuesday, 03:41 PM):
My boss and I just had a much needed talk. It's amazing (and scary) how well he can read into me.

2/1/2004 (Sunday, 12:33 PM):
American Wedding was just as good the second time watching it too :)

2/1/2001 (Thursday, 11:23 PM, Spain And More):
I had Sociology and my Computer class today. On the way home Daryl and I went to Burger King. We also saw a bit of Babak's wrestling class. After I had dinner at home went out to a club after all called Kingston with people from school.
Poetry: Alone

2/1/2000 (Tuesday):
Top Ten: The Night by Morphine


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