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12/1/2014 (Monday, 04:55 PM):
I have $20 on my DC Metro bus card and the damn system still isn't letting me on right!

12/1/2013 (Sunday, 02:04 PM):
Did you hear about the dyslexic devil worshipper? He sold his soul to Santa!

12/1/2011 (Thursday, 10:30 PM):
Being without a boiler makes for a cold night. Time to snuggle up with the dog and my sleeping bag!

12/1/2009 (Tuesday, 09:38 AM):
I've now heard my two favorite Imogen Heap songs live, Black Canvas and Hide & Seek!

12/1/2004 (Wednesday, 10:21 AM):
What's the point of a report that points out all the mistakes in a database if you don't know how to fix them?

12/1/2003 (Monday, 05:43 PM):
Ow my knee hurts again! Why? How the fuck should I know?

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