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5/31/2021 (Monday, 12:19 PM, Even More Food):
Yay for a yummy pancake from Khanh!


5/31/2020 (Sunday, 08:15 AM, Food):
Yummy waffles!!


5/31/2014 (Saturday, 11:14 PM, Family):
So long, farewell, Noah and Megan!


5/31/2009 (Sunday, 08:45 PM):
Today I had my boxing seminar with Rebecca at Equinox. It was also a fundraiser for leukemia, so I brought a $50 check with me. The class was amazing and Equinox felt like a city, that place is crazy big!

5/31/2005 (Tuesday, 12:14 PM):
I have a 10-7 shift today. I'm tired, we got in from New Orleans at 1:30 this morning, in bed by 2:30, so only 4 hours of sleep! Yikes.

5/31/2004 (Monday, 07:34 PM):
The drive-in movies were 13 Going On 30 and Ella Enchanted.

5/31/2003 (Saturday, 07:45 AM):
Just leave your impression behind.
Poetry: Meaning

5/31/2002 (Friday, 11:27 PM):
This morning I metro'd in from Vienna all the way to AU to meet with these guys, Stanley and Morad. Our group for our Creativity and Computers class is called The Anonymous 3. I came up with the name.

5/31/2000 (Wednesday, 11:12 AM):
Meh, whatever!!
Poetry: Whatever

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