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April Fools Day
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4/1/2023 (Saturday, 06:59 PM):
Just another homemade dinner!


4/1/2022 (Friday, 11:25 PM):
A new Red Hot Chili Peppers album out! Why not!
Top Ten: Unlimited Love by Red Hot Chili Peppers


4/1/2020 (Wednesday, 07:43 PM):
Pretty cool that FIOS is including Showtime and EPIX all month and HBO and Starz from about April 17-23 or so. Plus the DIY and Newsy channels! So cool.

4/1/2017 (Saturday, 09:39 PM):
Saw Moana today. Awesome movie!!


4/1/2016 (Friday):
Weezer hasn't put out a decent album since Maladroit. Meh!!
Top Ten: The White Album by Weezer


4/1/2014 (Tuesday, 09:27 PM):
A beer, Blues Brothers, my balcony. Sake napping. A great day!
Top Ten: Broken Crown Halo by Lacuna Coil


4/1/2011 (Friday, 08:25 PM):
The Music and Faithless are both splitting up this year. So sad.

4/1/2010 (Thursday, 07:48 PM):
Wohoo! Christopher Titus!!
Concerts: Christopher Titus at State Theater

4/1/2009 (Wednesday, 08:43 PM):
Who wants to go see Elbow with me when they come to the 9:30 club?

4/1/2007 (Sunday, 04:35 PM):
Back from Passover weekend and excited to be starting a new job!

4/1/2006 (Saturday, 09:20 AM):
I updated my Modern Extremity website again! I like the template design now!

4/1/2003 (Tuesday, 08:17 AM):
I woke up at 4 AM last night with a 100.1 temp and then again at 6 AM with a 100.2 temp that was due to my alarm waking me up and decided to call in sick for work. Ugh!
Top Ten: Elephant by The White Stripes


4/1/2001 (Sunday, 08:48 PM):
Prague! Barely made the layover on the way there but got to the flight okay in Zurich. Places included: Sonny Bar, Iron Door bar, Charles Bridge, the Jewish cemetery, Leichester Square, the National Museum, and a club called the Roxxy! What a cool trip!
Diaries: Day 83


4/1/2000 (Saturday, 09:01 AM):
Never did see Kemopetrol live but this is the album that started it all.
Top Ten: Slowed Down by Kemopetrol


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