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6/24/2023 (Saturday, 08:44 PM):
Stopped near Scranton in Dickinson City PA after hitting some really bad storms to spend the night! Can't beat that view!!


6/24/2022 (Friday, 02:56 PM, Even More Food):
Glad I found Loopys in Springfield, yum!
Top Ten: Home Before And After by Regina Spektor


6/24/2020 (Wednesday, 09:39 PM, Covid Livestreams):
Had fun checking out the Josh Manila livestream event with Sixth & I. So many good Jewish culture in mainstream media!


6/24/2019 (Monday, 08:08 PM, Sake And Friends):
Just me and Sake!


6/24/2017 (Saturday, 02:48 PM, Food):
Had a great time at my apartment complex summer party! Good burgers, plus the pie that won was the pink one as shown in the picture and it was pretty darn tasty! Yum!


6/24/2016 (Friday, 09:01 PM):
Checking out that new DJ Shadow album, cool!
Top Ten: The Mountain Will Fall by DJ Shadow


6/24/2014 (Tuesday, 09:18 PM):
Finally got the new Deal's Gone Bad CD!
Poetry: Blades
Poetry: Debug
Poetry: Do You Remember

6/24/2011 (Friday, 05:21 PM):
Cafe Asia tonight!

6/24/2009 (Wednesday, 11:25 PM):
Virginfest is free this year! Must see about getting tickets! Weezer, Blink 182, The National, Franz Ferdinand. Really decent lineup for a free show! I have to get tickets! It's Sunday August 30th at Merriweather!!

6/24/2004 (Thursday, 11:26 PM):
I got a new CD today in between work and karate. P-1 is actually really good!!

6/24/2002 (Monday, 07:53 PM):
You never know the light in someone's eyes until you look and you see a tear fall like a drop from the inner circles of a waterfall. That drop, respectively, resembles a tree's inner circles that count the years of one's life away.

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