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Martin Luther King Day
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1/21/2019 (Monday, 10:34 AM):
Booked my train ticket to NYC April 20-23 to see Zaz! And coincidentally will be in town for a Passover seder w the family. I love how my personal life revolves around concerts sometimes!


1/21/2014 (Tuesday, 01:24 PM):
Pretty nice to have a dentist appointment on a snow day!

1/21/2013 (Monday, 07:54 PM):
First step class with Kelley since she was on leave! Almost makes me wish I was still with Fitness First.

1/21/2012 (Saturday, 05:55 PM):
Moneyball was pretty good! Rise of the Planet of the Apes, not so good!

1/21/2011 (Friday, 09:34 AM):
At Katina's today watching Family Guy Star Wars! Later - Breakers tonight in Fairfax, see you there!

1/21/2010 (Thursday, 08:23 PM):
Rather awesome to have my car in a garage right about now!

1/21/2008 (Monday, 08:07 PM):
I just watched Superbad. Too bad I read reviews after watching movies. I didn't realize it has the same guy from Juno, lol. It was a sorry excuse for a movie. I hated it.

1/21/2007 (Sunday, 10:27 AM):
I found my diary entries from the end of January to the end of August in 2002. They're my Diaryland entries from the beginning to right where I picked up my Diaryland entries in Livejournal. Sweet!

1/21/2004 (Wednesday, 11:05 PM):
At Borders I picked up Neverwhere by Neil Gamon's DVD BBC series for $35 and Run Lola Run DVD for $15. Sweet deal on both. I'm curious as to how Neverwhere will turn out, I love the book, the series should prove interesting to watch!

1/21/2003 (Tuesday, 01:25 PM):
Evan from Joe Millionaire needs to get a grip and let that Mojo girl go!! I don't like her anymore.

1/21/2001 (Sunday, 10:38 PM, Spain And More):
Today Jocelyn and Laura arrived. They seem nice. I wrote a lot in a freelance story I'm putting together. I also did some homework after dinner. Tomorrow I have classes. I should figure out how to get a longer Metro pass.
Diaries: Day 13

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