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10/4/2019 (Friday, 11:29 PM, Concerts):
Had so much fun at Zaz tonight at the Lincoln Theater and glad everything worked out so well and we even got there right on time! Thanks Pri and Tam for coming too!
Concerts: Zaz at Lincoln Theater


10/4/2013 (Friday, 02:28 PM):
Can't wait to see Nine Inch Nails on October 18, just a few weeks away!!

10/4/2007 (Thursday, 10:02 PM):
We happened across Johnnie Fox's (the highest pub and one of the oldest in Dublin) and had lunch there. I had crab cakes and fish chowder. Yum! So good!!

10/4/2004 (Monday, 01:06 PM):
The people at work threw me a party today. So nice!

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