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Yom Kippur
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10/5/2016 (Wednesday, 09:55 PM, Concerts):
Data Healthcare class tonight at General Assembly, an impromptu dinner at Oki Bowl, and a Little Boots DJ set at U St Music Hall! The excitement never stops!
Concerts: Little Boots at U St Music Hall


10/5/2014 (Sunday, 11:00 PM):
What a cool day bumming around the city with my girlfriend and her parents!


10/5/2011 (Wednesday, 07:52 AM):
Garbage is back together! Yes!
Top Ten: Biophilia by Bjork


10/5/2010 (Tuesday, 09:38 PM):
The song Beat The Devil's Tattoo was in last night's Chuck. Why haven't I gotten into Black Rebel Motorcycle Club before?
Top Ten: Life Turns Electric by Finger Eleven


10/5/2009 (Monday, 10:53 PM):
Jesse and I went to Woo Jung for lunch on Wednesday, followed by Breakaway Billiards, Chopsticks for dinner with Adam Whitney, and Partners to top the night off. Crazy hangover on Thursday for sure!

10/5/2007 (Friday, 10:13 PM):
PWC is serious in hiring me back as a contractor so we chatted about it for a while! They need a bunch of reports automated and they're going to probably hire me at contractor rate.

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