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11/1/2018 (Thursday, 05:20 PM):
Frustrated that I didn't set up my Direct Deposit right for my first paycheck and have to wait extra days to get it in the snail mail! Ugh!!

11/1/2015 (Sunday, 10:23 AM):
Last night at The Ottobar was great for the 80s Dance Party!

11/1/2014 (Saturday, 09:28 PM):
Ben Bailey tonight!!
Concerts: Ben Bailey at Arlington Cinema And Drafthouse

11/1/2012 (Thursday, 05:35 PM):
Somebody please don't let me go this long again without listening to Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger!!

11/1/2011 (Tuesday, 10:01 PM):
The Dreaming's new album Puppet is out today!
Top Ten: Puppet by The Dreaming


11/1/2010 (Monday, 10:13 PM):
The Players covered Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer on Saturday! It was cool seeing them with The Pietasters!

11/1/2004 (Monday, 10:09 PM):
That Bjork Light and Dark mix I made for Erica still sounds amazing together!

11/1/2003 (Saturday, 10:27 AM):
Tonight I'm going to Sam's friend's party and of course Sam will be there and a bunch of his buddies. It's a good crowd. Possibly clubbing too!

11/1/2002 (Friday, 02:30 PM):
I am the Devil in Disguise!!

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