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10/16/2016 (Sunday, 08:02 PM, Exhibits):
Just another day in DC museum hopping with family!


10/16/2014 (Thursday, 07:35 PM):
Not a bad way to end my day walking home from work!


10/16/2011 (Sunday, 04:04 PM):
Trying to muster up the energy to take Sake to the park after a wicked boxing class this morning.

10/16/2010 (Saturday, 07:44 PM):
Hiked Mary's Rock with Noah and we helped Katina move some furniture around. About to pick up cousin Eric. Woohoo!

10/16/2009 (Friday, 10:55 PM):
Had a great dinner at Chef Geoff's with Lucy and Leon. They brought me a cake and paid for dinner, yum! I had scallops!

10/16/2009 (Friday, 06:48 PM):
Just bought a ticket for Imogen Heap at the Sixth & I Synagogue next month!

10/16/2008 (Thursday, 10:33 PM):
Yesterday we went to lunch with Lori and her dog Brutus, visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, and had dinner in San Diego yesterday! Today I got to listen to Yellowcard's song Ocean Avenue on Ocean Avenue!

10/16/2007 (Tuesday, 07:55 AM):
April by Vast looks like it'll be a good album!!
Top Ten: April by Vast


10/16/2002 (Wednesday, 09:16 AM):
And soften, not harden.
Poetry: Save Me

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