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10/17/2020 (Saturday, 08:07 PM, Food):
Nice to catch up with my coworker, she got me a cake, balloons, our favorite crepes, and a six pack- of fiji water haha!


10/17/2015 (Saturday, 11:35 PM):
Party Like Its doing Tragic Kingdom songs by No Doubt, Right Hand Lefties doing Incubus Science (1997 night at the Iota)!
Concerts: Party Like Its at Iota Club And Cafe


10/17/2014 (Friday, 07:00 PM):
Bjork! At the AFI in Silver Spring! Yay!
Concerts: Bjork at AFI Silver Spring


10/17/2013 (Thursday, 09:06 PM):
From Another Society to King's X to Dig. Nothing's as good as 90s music, ever. So glad the Smithsonian will reopen today, looks like all this craziness will (sort of) get back to normal!

10/17/2011 (Monday, 04:38 PM):
Since Rebecca just emailed about it here's the site to the latest web page I'm working on: MaxStudioFitness.com!

10/17/2010 (Sunday, 09:08 PM, Family):
An early birthday get together with my brother Noah and cousin Eric at a house party in DC!


10/17/2009 (Saturday, 11:19 PM):
Had an awesome workout boxing class and is hanging out in Adams Morgan with cousin Eric and my brother Noah!

10/17/2008 (Friday, 01:35 AM):
Tonight we went to Old Town Pasadena to hang out with Lori and Hai-Son. We went Mexican for dinner, then brought the night over to Lori's Mccormick And Schmick's Thursday night hangout. So much fun!
Top Ten: From The Word Go by Messiah J And The Expert


10/17/2007 (Wednesday, 05:40 PM):
Today I listened to a bunch of Kemopetrol, P-1, and Client. What a mix!

10/17/2006 (Tuesday, 02:03 PM):
Sam's coming into town Friday. Should be fun!

10/17/2005 (Monday, 08:31 AM):
Glad I made an effort to get my ass over to EB. I got the new SSX On Tour for PSP which just came out last Tuesday. It rocks!

10/17/2004 (Sunday, 10:34 AM):
Got drunk over at Senor Frogs last night. It was fun! Yeah, that was pretty crazy. Time to go back to America!

10/17/2003 (Friday, 12:18 AM):
When I went back to the Taco Bell lot where I parked my car guess what? My car got towed!! Oh well!!

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