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11/16/2018 (Friday, 09:15 PM):
Can't wait to check out the new Zaz album when it gets put online at a reasonable import price!
Top Ten: Effet Miroir by Zaz


11/16/2012 (Friday, 12:15 AM):
I got the Samsung Galaxy S3. I like but I'm just bummed I finally lost the unlimited data plan I was on before.

11/16/2010 (Tuesday, 11:07 PM):
Housemates are having a party Christmas Eve. Who wants to come?

11/16/2009 (Monday, 10:15 PM):
Unsubscribed from The Simpsons after watching the latest episode on Hulu just now. It's just not the same anymore.
Poetry: Last November

11/16/2007 (Friday, 09:30 AM):
My friends Michael and Elyse met Harrison Ford! So cool!!

11/16/2005 (Wednesday, 10:09 AM):
Can't wait to see Lloyd Dobler Effect at Jammin Java! It's two minutes from my house why not?

11/16/2004 (Tuesday, 12:50 PM):
The new Pearl Jam Greatest Hits 1991-2003 CD Rearview Mirror is incredible!

11/16/2000 (Thursday, 02:22 PM):
Is this all just a dream or am I really fading?
Poetry: Fuzzy Reality

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