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We lost Avicii at only age 28 in April, and Dolores ORiordan in January at age 46. I got to see Crystal Method DJ at U Street Music Hall, that was a blast. Fever Ray was a band I never thought I would see and got to see them this year. That summer also included a trip to Blue October, She Wants Revenge, and an amazing 30 Seconds To Mars with some visiting friends from all over the world. Tom Morello was really cool to see as well as was Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra. What a cool year for concerts!
2018 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google Death Cab For Cutie
1. Death Cab For Cutie - Thank You For Today (8/17/2018)
Gold Rush was the first song I heard off this album and was immediately hooked! The rest of the album is on par with their release Narrow Stairs, my other favorite Death Cab album. I love every single song on here! I Dreamt We Spoke Again, Northern Lights, You Moved Away. Every single track is just amazing!!

Google Scars On Broadway
2. Scars On Broadway - Dictator (7/20/2018)
Daron Malakian is awesome! I would love to see Scars On Broadway live someday!! Lives is a great catchy Armenian song and the accompanying video is pretty cool too. Angry Guru, Dictator, Guns Are Loaded, We Won't Obey, are all so great! I am so happy this band is still around even though Daron was hanging onto these songs since the first release in 2012. Still such a cool album! If I still listened to CDs instead of MP3s I'm sure I would have worn mine out this year with the amount of times I listened to this masterpiece!!

Google 30 Seconds To Mars
3. 30 Seconds To Mars - America (4/6/2018)
I was a bit hesitant to listen to the latest from 30 Seconds To Mars, America, but I was glad to finally check it out! It's good, but not as good as their other albums. I like their debut album the best. However, Walk On Water is a great song and Dangerous Night, Rescue Me, Hail To The Victor, and Remedy all have their moments. It was really great to see Jared and Shannon live over the summer with some friends who were visiting. Their concerts are really, really amazing. So that made me appreciate this album even more! Even if I don't really care for the multiple artwork cover thing they have going on for it, I think it cheapens the album a bit!

Google Mike Shinoda
4. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic (6/15/2018)
After losing Chester Bennington to suicide in 2017, Mike Shinoda created this gem of an album in his grief over his friend. Shinoda himself has been known to have said this about the album: "It's a journey out of grief and darkness, not into grief and darkness. If someone went through something like that, I hope you feel less alone. If it has not happened, I hope you feel grateful." I didn't care for this album so much at first, but after a few listens it really started to grow on me! Check out Place To Start, Over Again, Watching As I Fall, About You, and Nothing Makes Sense Anymore. You can really feel his pain and sorrow in this album!

Google Orbital
5. Orbital - Monsters Exist (9/14/2018)
Hoo Hoo Ha Ha and PHUK are pretty decent songs. It starts off really good but then doesn't really do much. I miss the old Orbital days!

Google Blue October
6. Blue October - I Hope Youre Happy (8/17/2018)
I Hope You're Happy is such a good song but it's too bad the rest of the album didn't measure up! I guess Blue October can't win them all. Still, it was fun to see them live!

Google Chromeo
7. Chromeo - Head Over Heels (6/15/2018)
Seems kind of half-assed to me. Can't think of anything really good, exceptional, or even memorable here.

Google Zaz
8. Zaz - Effet Miroir (11/16/2018)
I really like her song Que Vendra on here and J'aime J'aime is pretty good too but unfortunately the rest of the album just falls flat for me. I had really high hopes for this one, too!!

Google The Naked And Famous
9. The Naked And Famous - A Still Heart (3/2/2018)
An acoustic take on a bunch of The Naked And Famous songs. I love that they included a version of Massive Attack's Teardrop on here! But I wish this was longer. Well, we still have Passive Me Aggressive You, In Rolling Waves, and the ever so amazing Simple Forms albums. Really glad I saw them open for a band called The Foals, it's what turned me onto them in the first place!

Google Nine Inch Nails
10. Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch (6/22/2018)
I combined Not the Actual Events, Add Violence, Less Than, and Bad Witch EPs into a single full length album CD by taking out the really annoying looping part of Background World. It works as a CD together and is nice to have some actual new NIN music all in one place instead of just a bunch of EPs floating around everywhere!

Google Tom Morello
1. Tom Morello - Atlas Underground (10/11/2018)
A compilation album from Tom Morello featuring Knife Party, Steve Aoki, Pretty Lights, and Portugal The Man? On the surface, sounds like a great concept, but the songs were all dull and not memorable at all! Still was pretty cool to see him live though! I just wish I didn't have to suffer through the entire album in music video format during his event.

Google Moby
2. Moby - Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt (3/2/2018)
This album starts off decent with Mere Anarchy but goes downhill pretty fast. I love that song Like A Motherless Child though! Guess we have to wait until the next album for a proper Moby release?

Google I Am The Storm
3. I Am The Storm - Fight Musik Vol 1 (9/14/2018)
Just terrible!! So disappointed from Thousand Foot Krutch's Trevor Mcnevan. Every time I try to give this a chance, it just fails miserably. I don't get it. Please go back to TFK.

Google Therion
4. Therion - Beloved Antichrist (2/9/2018)
Supposedly it "takes everything that Therion has done to this point to a completely different level" but I just don't see it. I wish it was shorter and better put together. I enjoyed Luciferian Light Orchestra more than this!

Google Plumb
5. Plumb - Beautifully Broken (6/22/2018)
I had no idea Plumb even had a new album out but as soon as I heard it I just went back to not caring again. I liked her older stuff way better.

Google Jake Shears
6. Jake Shears - Jake Shears (8/10/2018)
Just no!

Google Jonathan Davis
7. Jonathan Davis - Black Labyrinth (5/25/2018)
Really so terrible. So very bad!


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