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2/3/2023 (Friday, 08:07 PM):
Another date at Thanida thai! Yay!


2/3/2022 (Thursday, 02:22 PM):
Started my infusions this week and thought I'd treat myself to my favorite Bing & Bao on the way home!


2/3/2019 (Sunday, 03:06 PM):
I didn't realize Bozelli's is now open on Sundays, wohoo! And they're moving into a bigger space down the street! Glad to also have a clean bathroom and kichen today, been meaning to do that!!


2/3/2010 (Wednesday, 09:26 PM):
My housemates are having a superbowl party this weekend and I'm looking at alternatives already!
Top Ten: Heligoland by Massive Attack


2/3/2009 (Tuesday, 08:35 PM):
Liberty Mountain! I was kind of tired from swing dancing still but I went anyway. I met up with Michael and Trey at Michael's place and then the three of us picked up Brian. Trey and Brian brought their snowboards while Michael and I rented skis!

2/3/2003 (Monday, 01:36 PM):
Officially graduated from AU! Yay!

2/3/2001 (Saturday, 11:55 PM, Spain And More):
I slept in until lunch again today. I went over to Daryl's to rollerblade with him, he's much better than I am. Me, Mario, and Daryl went out to some random Italian girl's house party. To top off the night we went to Kapital!
Diaries: Day 26

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