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1/1/2017 (Sunday, 12:05 AM):
Happy New Years!!

1/1/2015 (Thursday, 12:01 AM):
New Years in Old Town! Fun!


1/1/2014 (Wednesday, 12:05 AM):
Happy New Year!


1/1/2013 (Tuesday, 08:37 PM):
Just saw Patrik Age 1.5 on Netflix. It was actually a pretty good foreign movie!

1/1/2012 (Sunday, 12:45 PM):
Happy one year anniversary of my infamous New Years Eve Recovery party!
Top Ten: Warrior Worrier by Outlandish


1/1/2012 (Sunday, 08:48 AM):
It was nice ringing in the New Year with my folks for once!
Top Ten: Warrior Worrier by Outlandish

1/1/2012 (Sunday, 06:05 PM):
My mom just won all our scrabble games in 2012 by over 100 points! I better step my game up!
Top Ten: Warrior Worrier by Outlandish

1/1/2011 (Saturday, 09:48 AM):
Had a blast with Katina including a Brazilian steakhouse dinner, Spankys Shenannigans, and IHOP with random friends at 4 AM. Happy New Year!

1/1/2011 (Saturday, 04:17 AM):
Depending on how you look at it, the party here was either 1. really really out of control or 2. pretty cool until it got out of control. I think it's a little of both!!

1/1/2010 (Friday, 11:15 AM):
I'm feeling so binary today! Happy 01/01/10!

1/1/2010 (Friday, 07:21 PM):
I got my CD tower built in three hours! How's that for being productive!

1/1/2009 (Thursday, 11:45 PM):
I had a nice evening at Michael & Elyse's. We watched the Great Debaters which has Denzel Washington in it. We also had their fondu dish which was yummy. Then, Michael and I played wii bowling. Fun times!

1/1/2009 (Thursday, 11:38 AM):
I just watched the first five episodes of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia on Hulu. I like it so far! It can get a bit extreme but it's fun.

1/1/2005 (Saturday):
Top Ten: The Language Of My World by Macklemore


1/1/2004 (Thursday, 02:29 PM):
A few people canceled last minute yesterday so only Kim and Bobby and our other friend Kim came over. We had pizza and champagne and it was all yummy.

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