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3/1/2016 (Tuesday):
Facebook status coming soon!


3/1/2015 (Sunday):
Facebook status coming soon!


3/1/2013 (Friday, 04:30 AM):
Laser tag meetup lesson learned, I guess I'm no longer in the 20s and 30s club. I've graduated to the 30s and 40s.

3/1/2011 (Tuesday, 08:22 PM):
Crash Test Dummies just announced for Jammin Java later this year! That was probably my favorite show of 2010!

3/1/2009 (Sunday, 04:18 PM):
Having a Sara Paxton wallpaper might be a bad idea because all I want to do is keep my windows minimized!

3/1/2008 (Saturday, 08:59 PM):
I played about an hour of Burnout Paradise and listened to the first Maroon 5 CD. I'm only 3 wins away now from class A license.

3/1/2005 (Tuesday, 01:15 PM):
Ski Wisp planned from March 11 thru March 13!
Concerts: The Mosquitos at Iota Club And Cafe


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