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New Years Eve
Celebrate New Years Eve 2019! - Party!!
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12/31/2018 (Monday, 08:29 PM):
We lost Avicii and Dolores ORiordan this year. I got to see Fever Ray and also Blue October, She Wants Revenge, and an amazing 30 Seconds To Mars concert. Tom Morello was really cool too as was Kevin Griffin!

12/31/2017 (Sunday, 03:17 PM):
We lost Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington this year. I did get to meet Rachel Sermanni which was awesome! I got to see Stabbing Westward and Squirrel Nut Zippers too. Regina Spektor was my Wolf Trap gig! The Anthem opened up this year too!

12/31/2016 (Saturday, 02:52 PM):
A trip to the 9:30 Club, not for a show, but for a fair. It was fun! Crash Test Dummies and Sonata Arctica came next. Getting to hear Moby read from his memoirs was a treat. The Toasters in Baltimore was fun per usual! Also I won Ricky Martin front row!!

12/31/2015 (Thursday, 11:23 AM):
A new Elvy CD, My Black Light, Striking Matches! I got to meet Kevin Martin from Candlebox, that was really cool. I also got to meet Meagan Grindall, aka Lemolo. Lost Lander at DC9, Weird Al at Wolf Trap, and even Buena Vista Social Club!

12/31/2014 (Wednesday, 03:15 PM):
Sonata Arctica's Pariah's Child is one of THE BEST albums I've heard in a long time. Elbow's The Take Off And Landing Of Everything is also their best in their career. Zaz's Paris album is pretty good. I've also been listening to a ton of Lost Lander!!

12/31/2013 (Tuesday, 06:51 AM):
Can't believe how long it's been already since I threw the biggest party of my life on 1/1/2011. Over 400 people came and I had at least five friends DJ it.

12/31/2012 (Monday, 09:55 PM):
Seven and a half hours from MA back to VA! I think that may be a new record! And now to rock out with Destro and good friends at the ol' Tortoise and Hare! Happy New Year's!

12/31/2011 (Saturday, 09:45 AM):
Highlights include my NYE Recovery Party, getting my own place, my own dog, my goal of at least one concert a month, and club nights out to Baltimore and The Bass Hole!

12/31/2010 (Friday, 02:05 PM):
Crash Test Dummies finally for the first time, Mighty Mighty Boss Tones duet with Steve Jackson from The Pietasters, and finally getting to see LCD Soundsystem headline Virgin Mobile Free Festival at Merriweather!

12/31/2009 (Thursday, 04:59 PM):
I got to see The Pietasters perform their first album in its entirety at The State Theater. Then, I got to see The Dreaming at Jammin Java, Vast at The State Theater, Santigold at The 9:30 Club, Tool at The Patriot Center, and Elbow at The 9:30 Club!

12/31/2008 (Wednesday, 11:20 PM):
A new Her Space Holiday is always welcome. Atmosphere, Psapp, and oh yes, The Music! Strength In Numbers should have been way bigger than it was. Some bands just remind you that yes, 2008 did actually exist.

12/31/2007 (Monday, 10:30 PM):
No new Massive Attack album yet, though Live With Me was released. The new Bjork Volta album was pretty terrible. Garbage broke up. Finger Eleven released a new album and Paralyzer, which was huge, was the only good song. Blaqk Audio released Cex Cells!

12/31/2006 (Sunday, 03:05 PM):
Possibly the coolest thing about 2006 was getting to see Massive Attack live. That was pretty amazing!

12/31/2005 (Saturday, 10:34 AM):
Bjork's Drawing Restraint 9 was weird. Green Day's When September Ends was played a lot. So was Madonna's Hung Up, a total rip from an ABBA song. Concert highlights included Alice Cooper, Moby (again), and Breaking Benjamin! Not bad at all.

12/31/2004 (Friday, 11:35 AM):
This Love by Maroon 5 was huge. So was Usher's song Yeah and Switchfoot's Meant To Live. So was Linkin Park's Breaking The Habit. I was glad to see The Streets at the 9:30 Club. Also, the B-52's at Wolf Trap was fun, too. Good times.

12/31/2003 (Wednesday, 06:35 PM):
In 2003 I was listening to the likes of Clawfinger, Finger Eleven, Yellowcard, The White Stripes, and The Rasmus. I did manage to see Local H at The Black Cat, Everclear at 9:30 Club, and Heart at Wolf Trap. Not bad!

12/31/2002 (Tuesday, 11:40 PM):
2002 was about DC Sessions free concert series in Washington DC where I got to see Splender, Lloyd Dobler Effect, and Maroon 5 for the first time. Atmosphere at The Black Cat for my birthday with friends from college was fun. Boss Tones was legendary!

12/31/2001 (Monday, 11:45 PM):
In 2001, I was in Spain for a semester abroad and didn't get out to too many shows, but I did manage to pick up Kemopetrol's first album in Madrid Rock and they became one of my favorite bands, which could have lead to my obsession with Massive Attack.

12/31/2000 (Sunday, 11:35 PM):
In 2000, I saw Local H for the first time and Moby for the first time as well. SR-71, Violent Femmes, Bloodhound Gang, and VAST were also fun. Not a bad year at all!

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