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2/16/2020 (Sunday, 07:29 PM):
Had fun seeing Phantom of the Opera at Synetic Theater! A bit different than the Kennedy Center version way back when but still good fun! Was great that Pri could come with me too! Yay!!
Concerts: Phantom Of The Opera at Synetic Theater


2/16/2019 (Saturday, 11:53 PM):
Was debating going out but so glad I did! A friend from my Meetup group saved me a prime spot on the balcony so I was able to show up just before the Gin Blossoms came on and not have to wait forever! What a great show!!
Concerts: Gin Blossoms at State Theater


2/16/2018 (Friday, 12:39 PM, Food):
What a great idea for me and a coworker to pick up Taco Bamba for everyone at work and then watch some of the Olympics in the conference room! So fun!!


2/16/2015 (Monday, 07:47 PM):
Is Yechon closed tomorrow? Only then will I believe this State of Emergency call!

2/16/2012 (Thursday, 02:22 AM):
Walked into my boss's office and saw some flowers dying already!

2/16/2011 (Wednesday, 08:57 PM):
Happy hour with Ratul and Nick!

2/16/2007 (Friday, 09:30 PM):
Today's the day I joined Facebook! Cool!

2/16/2004 (Monday, 06:32 PM):
I am trying out an enshin karate school tomorrow. The first two classes are free, then it's $65 a month. That's 8 classes, so two a week, and they offer three but the third is Saturday at 10 am, so it's $8 a class roughly. That's really good.

2/16/2001 (Friday, 11:35 PM):
At the Vatican we saw Saint Peter's Church and the Sistine Chapel. We also went all the way up to the top of a building to catch a panoramic view of Rome! After dinner we went clubbing. It was neat to see a live sax player jam with house music. So fun!!
Diaries: Day 39


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