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3/8/2019 (Friday, 09:42 AM):
Cool! A new Dido album!
Top Ten: Still On My Mind by Dido


3/8/2015 (Sunday, 05:26 PM):
Watching AU Basketball at Public Bar near campus! Go AU!

3/8/2014 (Saturday, 06:12 PM):
Gelato, sushi, and beer. What a great walk from Clarendon to Rosslyn! Topping it off with Dear Mr Watterson and We Were Pirates!
Concerts: We Were Pirates at Artisphere


3/8/2012 (Thursday, 11:12 PM):
Ended up sleeping through the Kaiser Chiefs gig... oops. Oh well.

3/8/2011 (Tuesday, 10:59 PM):
Going to see Streetlight Manifesto with Jamie this Sunday! Yay!

3/8/2010 (Monday, 08:51 PM):

3/8/2009 (Sunday, 05:36 PM):
An incredible weekend full of clubbing, brunch, bowling, botchie, and partying. And I just ran into my old karate instructor on the way to lunch, awkward!

3/8/2008 (Saturday, 08:35 PM):
Who knew The Music would release their next CD before Massive Attack does?

3/8/2005 (Tuesday, 11:24 PM):
I got my yellow belt in karate today!

3/8/2003 (Saturday, 05:52 AM):
But right now all I can feel is distant and replaced.
Poetry: Substitution

3/8/2001 (Thursday, 10:55 PM):
At school today we talked about Semana Santa. In Sociology we watched a movie about the Basques. I got my schedule mixed up when I got to karate class an hour early! I managed to find enough to do and had another fun class after all!
Diaries: Day 59


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