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I started the year off right at a Vertical Horizon show. Got to meet Rusted Root this year, see the Gin Blossoms, two Zaz concerts, meet a whole heck of a lot of celebrities at Awesome Con (The Princess Bride cast, and Weird Al, and some from the Office to name a few). Ended the year right with Stabbing Westward, Massive Attack, Incubus, and Misterwives!! As far as my top 10, I struggled a bit, but Lemolo, R Plus, Psapp, Rachel Sermanni all pulled through. I listened to a lot of Aesthetic Perfection and surprisingly liked the new Korn album more than the new Tool, which was 13 years in the making since the last Tool. I finally met an album by The National I didn't like, was disappointed with the latest Elbow release, Sonata Arctica was terrible, and These New Puritans also disappointed me this year! Hopefully 2020 will be better, I'm already pretty excited about hearing new Stabbing Westward for the first time in 16 years!!
2019 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google Lemolo
1. Lemolo - Swansea (10/11/2019)
I love listening to this album as an entire piece of work. It's just so etheral. I wasn't too crazy about her second album and her first one was just okay. This album is my favorite of Lemolo's! I especially love her song Hotline. Way to go, Meagan!!

Google R Plus
2. R Plus - The Last Summer (10/11/2019)
Although a little short, this album is such a chill piece of music to listen to! I love it as a Back To Mine series. I kind of wish they included Maxi Jazz on at least one of the songs though. But I get that this wasn't meant to be a Faithless album, just everyone but Maxi. There is a bit of Dido though. If they put the latest Dido single on this album they almost could have called it a Dido CD. Check out the song My Boy. So good!!

Google Psapp
3. Psapp - Tourists (9/2/2019)
"Minotaur, unicorn, mythical beasts / Saber-tooth, dinosaur, things are deceased / Fossils and ammonites, all in the past / You were the first and the last." I love this album! I'm glad Psapp sounds so sophisticated here, no more silly random scratchy noises that were everywhere on their other albums. They were always good, now they're just SO good! uPVC, Progress, Pieces are my favorites. I'm not a huge fan of the last track, it's just too slow compared to the rest of the album, but it's still a very good album and I love listening to it! Yay, Psapp! "I want to have what you have / I want to know what you know / I want to have all your problems, all your problems"

Google Rachel Sermanni
4. Rachel Sermanni - So It Turns (8/23/2019)
Can't get much better than her track What Can I Do. I am so fortunate to have met Rachel in Baltimore, one of the nicest people ever! I am so proud of her latest album, her third. It falls a little flat in some places but overall is so good!

Google Korn
5. Korn - The Nothing (9/13/2019)
Although I have checked out a few albums here and there since Follow The Leader came out way back when, I only really liked a few songs. This album, on the other hand, wow!! I love each and every track and some songs are just SO heavy and awesome! Cold is such a clsasic Korn track. Idiosyncrasy, Finally Free, Can You Hear Me, You'll Never Find Me, Gravity of Discomfort. I can listen to this album over and over and over again! I mean, it sucks Jonathan Davis lost his wife. Really. But this album, OMG!

Google Aesthetic Perfection
6. Aesthetic Perfection - Into The Black (3/29/2019)
It probably helped that this is the first Aesthetic Perfection album I was introduced to, having heard nothing about Daniel Graves and only finding out about this band after seeing that they were coming to DC this year. Too bad I missed the show, it was right in between two other big concerts I went to, and at a venue I don't really like. But the album is great! It's kind of like a guilty pleasure, you want to hate it, but the more you listen to it, the more catchy it is! I love Gods & Gold, Wickedness, Echoes, and If I Die. I also really like his track Never Enough from an earlier album. Glad I found his music, better late than never I suppose!!

Google Tool
7. Tool - Fear Innoculum (8/30/2019)
Fear Innoculum, the first Tool album in 13 years since their last 10,000 Days release. I liked it, but I absolutely loved 10,000 Days better. I just don't think Fear Innoculum was worth the wait, really. It's good, but are any of these songs really memorable? Even a couple of tracks seem like they're filler, so it's really only a 7 song album or so. It's fun to listen to as a whole, I just don't think I'll be listening to any individual tracks any time soon. Maybe we'll get another album by 2030??

Google The Foals
8. The Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (10/18/2019)
I love how the Foals released two albums which makes for a really long release this year, but their earlier music is much better. I still like this album, Part I and II, but other albums were better. It does make for good late night driving music, though!!

Google Leonard Cohen
9. Leonard Cohen - Thanks For The Dance (11/22/2019)
So Leonard's son Adam finished a few spoken word bits that Leonard Cohen had and put some music to it. It's pretty good! I'm going to miss Leonard Cohen a lot. I really loved his music!!

Google Blaqk Audio
10. Blaqk Audio - Only Things We Love (3/15/2019)
Infinite Skin, Ok Alex, and Dark Times At Berlin Wall are my favorites on this album. Most of the other tracks seem just filler for me. It did however prompt me to make a best of Blaqk Audio from my favorite tracks of all their albums and I listen to that a lot!!

Google Dido
1. Dido - Still On My Mind (3/8/2019)
When Dido's track Hurricanes came out I loved it so much! Too bad the rest of the album just didn't add up for me. I like her work on the new R+ album so much better!

Google These New Puritans
2. These New Puritans - Inside The Rose (3/22/2019)
This album was pretty disappointing despite their other masterpieces! Meh!

Google Elbow
3. Elbow - Giants Of All Sizes (10/11/2019)
I haven't really liked any Elbow since Guy's solo stuff. The new music just doesn't sound like the old.

Google Bat For Lashes
4. Bat For Lashes - Lost Girls (9/6/2019)
Hadn't listened to Bat For Lashes and Natasha Khan for a while. Now I remember why! Think I'll be skipping their DC show in 2020 despite it being at an awesome venue.

Google Sonata Arctica
5. Sonata Arctica - Talviyo (9/6/2019)
Sonata Arctica used to be good, this album just isn't. I couldn't even finish it! Dancing with my back against the wall? Really? What happened to this once great band??

Google The National
6. The National - I Am Easy To Find (5/17/2019)
I finally met an album by The National I don't like! Good thing the rest of their discography rules. Why did they have to screw up Rylan though? The original was so much better!!

Google Chemical Brothers
7. Chemical Brothers - No Geography (4/12/2019)
Compared to the stuff that made them great, this album sucks. The music video was decent though.


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