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3/20/2016 (Sunday, 08:32 PM, Food):


3/20/2015 (Friday, 07:39 PM):
Parents weekend. I think they come more for sushi than for me!

3/20/2014 (Thursday, 09:44 AM):
Who's watching the AU game today?

3/20/2013 (Wednesday, 09:45 PM):
Got me a highlighter and a pen and I'm ready to edit Brian Paone's Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts! Found out about Local H Scott's Moscow incident earlier today. Wow, how scary! Glad he's okay!

3/20/2012 (Tuesday, 07:25 AM):
I love how my ska date gets way more attention than anything else I've posted on How About We!
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Poetry: When Apart

3/20/2011 (Sunday, 09:49 AM):
Hey, I can still drunk text after that much alcohol!

3/20/2010 (Saturday, 11:20 PM):
Meredith's house party!! So fun!!

3/20/2006 (Monday, 04:07 PM):
Friday for Saint Patrick's Day, we met up with Kim and Bobby and their daughter Ayla at Bennigans. It was nice.

3/20/2003 (Thursday, 10:38 AM):
Yesterday afternoon after I came home frome work, I received my book Cool Gardens by Serj Tankian, lead singer of System of a Down.

3/20/2002 (Wednesday, 10:34 PM):
The Hoobastank song Crawling In The Dark has been in my head all day!

3/20/2001 (Tuesday, 10:36 PM):
Went to a school reception today. There was a group going to a bar called Larios after. I went to eat with some friends and then off to Cats per usual.
Diaries: Day 71

3/20/1998 (Friday, 12:20 PM):
I must be there soon.
Poetry: Before The Door To Death Opens

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