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A Thru Z
And in the end
Begins the wind.
Caress the earth.
Darken the skies.
Every time I look
From inside my eyes
Great clouds loom above me.
Hollow. Puffy. They return my glare.
I swallow
Just look!
Kill the air with eye-swords.
Laugh the pain (all the while).
Many moons later I reflect.
Needless to say I open the past.
Onwards! The past to doors of before
Permits what perhaps should not be permitted.
Quivering I venture forth
Reckoning the earth to be my guide.
Sadly in the end begins the wind.
Torn apart like the skies.
Under the skies begins the rain.
Vast forever empty space.
Weather changes satellite dishes
X-ray my mind freeze my lonesome heart.
You never know that in the end
Zero roads are crossed begins the wind.

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