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Action Reaction
Magnetic poetry cannot justify the words that I need to express.
The emotions that I feel when I talk.
Nor can the words that I type into the keyboard suffice.
The expressions that flow through my body.
They limit my brain access and cut off my thinking power too soon.
I wish I could find action equivalent to words.
It would make me happy.
Some day there will be a moment.
When words form phrases sentences form actions actions form reactions.
And a series of events will unfold.
Some day when that day comes heavens will sink a little lower.
To join just two wandering beings.
I suppose that can wait.
These words are too limited.
My mind must think of more things to say.
But I will save them.
For my words will turn into actions.
And those actions into reactions.
And events will unfold.
As the heavens sink lower I will smile.
My words will act all in a short while.

Copyright © Dan E. Golden | Mirrorglassball 2009-2017