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8/20/2023 (Sunday, 05:32 PM):
Bummed that the Lung and Screaming Females gig at Songbyrd got moved to December because the band got covid! Crazy! But happy Spain won the Women's World Cup!!

8/20/2022 (Saturday, 06:19 PM):
An amazing dinner and view with my folks from Cafe 44 tonight! So awesome we had great weather too!!


8/20/2021 (Friday, 11:16 AM):
Top Ten: Come Clean Right Now by Lung


8/20/2019 (Tuesday, 05:27 PM, Skys The Limit):
Wow, what a cool storm photo! Glad I didn't have to drive home in that one!


8/20/2017 (Sunday, 07:15 PM):
Got my Tom Hanks pair of tickets for the week of my birthday! Who wants to come?!

8/20/2016 (Saturday, 01:30 PM, Friends):
Thanks so much Josh and Dave for helping me move into storage! What a great meal at Thanida Thai with the most awesome people ever!

8/20/2012 (Monday, 10:22 PM):
T-5 days until Hong Kong! I leave on Saturday!

8/20/2011 (Saturday, 07:19 PM):
Out with Katina at the local British pub!

8/20/2010 (Friday, 09:28 PM):
A lovely dinner tonight with Michael, Trey, and Laura!

8/20/2009 (Thursday, 11:29 AM):
A friend posted a link to the Arlington Rap on facebook. It's pretty funny. I currently live in Vienna, used to work in Rosslyn. This is all about my Metro line, so it's personal too.

8/20/2004 (Friday, 02:58 PM):
My karate test went well, even though I messed up on the form. I always get confused because going back down the middle of it is so similar to going up the middle. Also, my palm pilot screen busted today. I have no idea why.

8/20/2003 (Wednesday, 06:26 PM):
The new Kosheen album Kokopelli came in the mail today. CD-Wow rocks. Free shipping from the UK and it was only $15 at most. Damn. Yeah.

8/20/2002 (Tuesday, 11:31 AM):
Last night was Gypsy Kings at Wolf Trap. That was such a cool show!
Top Ten: To Whom It May Concern by Splender


8/20/1999 (Friday, 02:33 PM):
As I was, there never will be another to me.
Poetry: As I Was

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