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4/23/2024 (Tuesday, 11:39 AM):
Still springtime in Massachusetts, yay!!


4/23/2022 (Saturday, 09:53 PM):
Hady made some awesome soup today! Yum!! And we had a nice pizza dinner at Emmy Squared with her friends.


4/23/2021 (Friday, 10:41 AM):
Couldn't figure out what to do for dinner so I ordered Enjera! Yummy!
Poetry: Tomorrow I Wake Up


4/23/2014 (Wednesday, 08:02 PM):
This time you've gone too far! - Peter Gabriel at Potomac Yards theater.

4/23/2012 (Monday, 07:28 AM):
Out of all the stores in Pentagon City Mall, there is not a single bookstore.
Poetry: Final Bow
Top Ten: Blunderbuss by Jack White


4/23/2010 (Friday, 08:08 PM):
Yummy seafood dinner with my folks at West Boylston Seafood!

4/23/2002 (Tuesday, 10:35 PM):
Two papers, two presentations, plus exams next week. That makes this week and next week very important in my college career!
Poetry: Up Out

4/23/2001 (Monday, 10:48 PM):
I went to my Computer and Microeconomics class. I came home for lunch and worked on diagrams. Back at school I met up with Manuel for computer stuff. Lola's tortilla for dinner didn't really turn out the way she wanted. I have a talk on Dali tomorrow.
Diaries: Day 105

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