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2012 was a pretty good year for music and concerts after all. I finally got to see Thousand Foot Krutch live. Other highlights definitely included Local H and Bad Veins at The Whiskey (so amazing), Bo Bice, and of course Sonata Arctica at Empire. As for my Top Ten, well it was pretty similar to my concerts this year actually, with Sonata Arctica and Local H both also making the list. Pretty cool!
2012 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google Anarchy Club
1. Anarchy Club - Life In The Underground (5/29/2012)
I surprised myself by stumbling across this CD after only having one or two albums sort of lumped them together with this one and the one before it.  Great band that needs more exposure. Check out Hidden Secret Song, The Fangirl, Blood On The Snow. Not a bad song here at all!

Google Bad Veins
2. Bad Veins - The Mess Weve Made (4/24/2012)
Really like this new group that I got introduced to by seeing them open for Local H.  Amazing band, they will go far!  Check out Don't Run, Dancing On TV, and my favorite If Then.  Sort of like The Killers, but way cooler.

Google Garbage
3. Garbage - Not Your Kind Of People (5/11/2012)
Very anticipated album for me.  Hated it at first, sounded way overproduced (and it may be), but it's still Garbage and I still love them to death!  Big Bright World, I Hate Love, and my favorite Sugar. Can Garbage do no wrong?

Google Blaqk Audio
4. Blaqk Audio - Bright Black Heaven (9/11/2012)
Another highly anticipated CD.  Great to see the guys from AFI didn't just put Cex Cells as a one off CD.  Bright Black Heaven may be more of the same, but I dig it!

Google Local H
5. Local H - Hallelujah Im A Bum (9/18/2012)
Was highly anticipating this album too but after their album Twelve Angry Months it fell flat for me. I feel like Local H has about as many duds as they have amazing albums. Still a decent CD, check out Another February, Feed The Fever, Cold Manor.  Good to have the H back, still alive and kicking after all these years!

Google Orbital
6. Orbital - Wonky (3/28/2012)
Instantly hated how the songs end on this album but it started to grow on me.  Beelzedub is an absolutely amazing track.

Google Sonata Arctica
7. Sonata Arctica - Stones Grow Her Name (5/16/2012)
Was really surprised at this one.  I love the song I Have A Right.  Awesome CD overall, although a bit of a departure from their earlier discs. Could this power metal Finnish band be softening up a little bit?

Google Soundgarden
8. Soundgarden - King Animal (11/13/2012)
Super anticipated this album, the return of Soundgarden after how many years! Was pretty disappointed overall though, felt like there was nothing really new here although it's a decent album. Good to see they didn't overproduce it or use too much electronic equipment - just straightforward rock here.

Google Thousand Foot Krutch
9. Thousand Foot Krutch - The End Is Where We Begin (4/17/2012)
This album fell kind of flat for me.  I felt like they should have taken more time with it after their other albums were so much more powerful. Still a few great tracks and TFK always puts out some rockin songs anyway! Check out Courtesy Call and Fly On The Wall.

Google Jack White
10. Jack White - Blunderbuss (4/23/2012)
Jack White shows us he can still rock even without Meg.  My favorite off this album is Love Interruption. Great song!

Google Kosheen
1. Kosheen - Independence (10/1/2012)
Really expected more, not as tight as the last one (Damages). I feel like it was released too soon and doesn't flow.

Google Elbow
2. Elbow - Dead In The Boot (8/24/2012)
Just a bunch of B Sides sure, but could be much more memorable?  Only time will tell.

Google Hooverphonic
3. Hooverphonic - With Orchestra (3/9/2012)
Too soon to tell, but interesting concept, I guess!

Google Lacuna Coil
4. Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline (1/20/2012)
Way too sold out to rock and what's up with them covering REM?

Google Regina Spektor
5. Regina Spektor - What We Saw From The Cheap Seats (5/29/2012)
Nowhere near as good as Far.

Google Outlandish
6. Outlandish - Warrior Worrier (1/1/2012)
Only one or two good songs really. Oh well!

Google Scissor Sisters
7. Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour (5/25/2012)
Only The Horses decent song, rest of the album falls flat. They just have to release more newer material soon!

Google Smashing Pumpkins
8. Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania (6/19/2012)
WTF this is not the same Smashing Pumpkins from the 90s at all! Sigh.


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