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Zaz in New York!!
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4/22/2019 (Monday, 06:53 PM, Concerts):
Took most of the day easy today, just went down two blocks to 14th street to check out a new Korean restaurant called Zusik for lunch and a Georgian restaurant called Chama Mama for dinner. ZAZ was AWESOME!!!! Loved every minute of it!!
Concerts: Zaz at Town Hall


4/22/2017 (Saturday, 05:22 PM, Concerts):
Tonight Ozomatli and the Squirrel Nut Zippers are united and together at the State Theatre!
Concerts: Squirrel Nut Zippers at State Theater


4/22/2016 (Friday, 08:36 AM):
A new Candlebox and Blue October this week! So exciting!!
Top Ten: Home by Blue October
Top Ten: Disappearing In Airports by Candlebox


4/22/2015 (Wednesday, 08:37 PM):
Just heard the new Faith No More album. A nice way to end the day.

4/22/2014 (Tuesday, 10:08 PM):
Just saw Higher Learning again. So many famous people in that cheesy movie!

4/22/2013 (Monday, 07:36 AM):
I will be in Massachusetts from Thursday-Sunday this week.

4/22/2012 (Sunday, 02:15 PM):
I don't want any more drama. Just my life back, simple, without karma.
Poetry: Simple

4/22/2011 (Friday, 09:26 PM):
Somehow, I always get the urge to drop a slinky down the middle aisle of a descending airplane.

4/22/2009 (Wednesday, 10:05 AM):
I just found out my office will be moving to Falls Church by July! This is exciting because it shortens my commute by about half.

4/22/2008 (Tuesday, 12:46 PM):
Gotta figure out how to pay, and how much, for my retainer. The bill is currently at $430!
Top Ten: When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold by Atmosphere


4/22/2007 (Sunday, 10:15 AM):
Yesterday I didn't really do much except I went to Jammin Java and bought my Tom Morello ticket for Jammin Java. I really like that CD of his, The Nightwatchman!

4/22/2006 (Saturday, 09:42 AM):
I think I finally have a layout for my website. After a few years of different designs, it's finally starting to look great!
Poetry: Whether The Weather

4/22/2004 (Thursday, 06:59 PM):
It's been uber-hot still. I think it's gonna pour tonight!

4/22/2001 (Sunday, 11:43 PM):
Today we went to the Frederico Garcia Lorca's house in San Vicente, which was neat. We went to eat some more Turkish food and back to the tea place. We ended up back in Madrid that night. I saw some street capoiera on my way home!
Diaries: Day 104

4/22/2000 (Saturday, 02:05 PM):
Blankness stares back at me, a white light in my cubicle of hope.
Poetry: Blankness

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