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1/13/2018 (Saturday, 06:04 PM):
Had fun bowling today with Kelly, Romario, Dave, Ed, Rob, Rob's son Kris, and Cheryl. We had an interesting group! First game I got a 69, second game I got a 79. For the last 15 minutes we messed around a bit and I got a few more strikes! Yay!

1/13/2013 (Sunday, 09:54 PM):
Kanye West pretty much only exists so talented musicians can cover his so called songs and make them better.

1/13/2013 (Sunday, 09:48 AM):
So excited for boxing today!

1/13/2013 (Sunday, 06:12 PM):
After this week's Big Bang Theory, I can never look at Enterprise Rent A Car the same way again!

1/13/2013 (Sunday, 03:56 PM):
It's so foggy out I might as well be at a Local H concert!

1/13/2012 (Friday, 06:36 PM):
Excited for the DJ battle in Sterling!

1/13/2011 (Thursday, 11:31 AM):
Really missing Mark Sandman and Morphine right now.

1/13/2011 (Thursday, 05:45 PM):
It was September harmful logic.

1/13/2009 (Tuesday, 09:38 AM):
I think it's pretty funny that this actually works in sql server: isnull(null,'')

1/13/2008 (Sunday, 09:57 AM)*:
It's our 6 year anniversary of the day we met in person!

1/13/2005 (Thursday, 03:22 PM):
So they finally got around to posting the date for the Music on the 930 website. I've known about this date for a month already! Kasabian and Morningwood are the opening bands. I've never heard of either! Should be fun!!

1/13/2005 (Thursday, 02:12 PM):
I've been doing a 110 page report for my boss. It lists every contact by state, then it tells you how many are in each program within that state, how many different total cities are in each program within each state, and totals for everything! Wow!

1/13/2004 (Tuesday, 07:48 PM):
I got into an accident on my way home today! I was on 123 about to get on 66 and changed lanes, but hit the gas too hard and my left front bumper bumped up against the car in front of me's rear bumper. Shit!!

1/13/2001 (Saturday, 07:35 PM):
Today I went to Salamenca which was full of cool churches and a wall of frogs. It was really neat talking to a priest who knew 7 different languages. Also had a nice drink with a guy named Steve on the way back to the bus at a random bar.


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