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1/12/2014 (Sunday, 05:47 PM, American University):
That was a fun trip around campus today!
Poetry: Path To Freedom


1/12/2013 (Saturday, 02:06 PM):
Haircut and shave? Dropped clothes off at the cleaners? Found new korean place for kimbap? Beautiful day outside? Date tonight? Boxing tomorrow? Ska punk tomorrow? What a fun weekend!


1/12/2012 (Thursday, 01:40 PM):
Who else is going to the DJ battle out in Sterling tomorrow? Should be fun!

1/12/2011 (Wednesday, 07:28 PM):
I keep walking these same streets, but I'm a completely different person.

1/12/2009 (Monday):
Top Ten: Fever Ray by Fever Ray


1/12/2006 (Thursday, 07:13 AM):
I now have quite the Bjork collection along with the rest of my discographies on my Ripdrive!

1/12/2006 (Thursday, 02:01 PM):
Yay, I get to see Ben tomorrow!!

1/12/2003 (Sunday, 04:44 PM):
We're sorry, you need two forms of ID plus your social security card for a new license. Excuse me?! What?!!

1/12/2001 (Friday, 09:45 PM, Spain And More):
Today I went to a bank at school to help some classmates translate for them, then went to the market with them as they went food shopping. I went to Moncloa after that to see the Guernica painting by Picasso! It's huge! Classes start on Monday.

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