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5/20/2023 (Saturday, 07:47 PM, Even More Food):
Making my way through my awesome Shef order from Belize. So good!!


5/20/2021 (Thursday, 07:47 PM, Even More Food):
Delivery from the Handover again! I love this place!!


5/20/2018 (Sunday, 08:53 PM):
Blue October tonight! First time seeing them and man this place is packed!!
Concerts: Blue October at Baltimore Soundstage


5/20/2017 (Saturday, 07:51 PM, Food):
Can't go wrong with a bi bim bap!


5/20/2016 (Friday, 06:46 PM):
Got those Spaceballs tickets for the IMAX showing! Sweet!!

5/20/2015 (Wednesday, 07:35 PM, Food):
Parents in town can only mean May Island sushi time!


5/20/2012 (Sunday, 06:30 PM):
Today I hiked up two miles each way on Columbia Pike to check out a fenced in dog park for Sake. Then I had a nice pizza buffet, cupcake, and walk around the waterfront with Nick on a gorgeous summer day in Alexandria!

5/20/2011 (Friday, 08:51 PM):
Thanks for dinner Michael and Elyse. Congrats on graduating. Man, I'm gonna miss you guys!

5/20/2009 (Wednesday, 04:45 PM):
I love this double CD called Fantastic Females that I put together. I originally had just CD 1 then I realized I have enough material for a double CD set. It's so mellow and relaxing!

5/20/2007 (Sunday, 09:30 AM):
Got caught up on three episodes of Lost as I ate dinner. I love Charlie, he's one of my favorites. It was also nice to see Rose and Bernard make an appearance again!

5/20/2004 (Thursday, 10:24 PM):
Someone explain to me how I managed to lose my hand pads for karate the night we didn't even need to use them?!

5/20/2002 (Monday, 09:04 PM):
I never thought I'd be taking summer classes, but here I am. I had my first class today, U.S. Latin American Relations. It was okay. The professor seems decent.

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