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6/17/2022 (Friday, 11:20 PM):
What a day for a new Foals album!
Top Ten: Life Is Yours by The Foals


6/17/2021 (Thursday, 09:25 PM, Even More Food):
Fettoosh! Yay!!


6/17/2019 (Monday, 12:07 PM):
Stabbing Westward just announced at Union Stage on 9/8! Nice!!

6/17/2018 (Sunday, 11:21 AM, Food):
Great to see Michael and company on my way back to DC today! I really liked Victoria's 50s Diner too! That reuben omelette was great!!


6/17/2017 (Saturday, 06:00 PM, Ben And Annukka):
Congrats Ben and Annukka on your wedding anniversary party!!


6/17/2016 (Friday, 07:51 PM):
Checking out the latest from The Red Hot Chili Peppers but it's really not that great.
Top Ten: The Getaway by Red Hot Chili Peppers


6/17/2013 (Monday, 08:17 PM):
Nine Inch Nails in town on my birthday at The Verizon Center!


6/17/2012 (Sunday, 04:54 PM):
Had fun at Artomatic today with Nick and Joey. Dog park earlier with Katherine. Rough day for Sake, though. And a movie night with Lynn!

6/17/2011 (Friday, 08:51 PM):
Found a great spot right in front of the Black Cat for Architecture In Helsinki, almost as close a parking spot at the Red Palace when I saw Lia Ices.
Concerts: Architecture In Helsinki at Black Cat


6/17/2010 (Thursday, 09:10 AM):
Nice waking up to chatting with Sister Bliss from Faithless, she answered my question about which album is her favorite, Sunday 8PM!
Top Ten: Race To Red by Darling Thieves


6/17/2005 (Friday, 04:34 PM):
Tonight is the Al Jarreau Jazz & Blues Festival with Al Jarreau and Cassandra Wilson so it'll be annoying to have to sit through jazz & blues again. While I like a lot of jazz and blues, at Wolf Trap it just seems to DRAG ON.

6/17/2004 (Thursday, 06:56 PM):
I have an interview for 4 PM on Monday, which means I'm gonna have to reschedule my week just a bit! I got a call and the guy sounds really cool. He said it's a job out in Chantilly, perfect! But, his name? Dick Wood. Yeah, that's what I said.

6/17/2003 (Tuesday, 10:19 AM):
Last night I left my computer running so I could download some Clawfinger videos onto my system. I get back and there's a blue screen. Ugh!
Top Ten: Deja Entendu by Brand New
Top Ten: Finger Eleven by Finger Eleven


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