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Concert highlights this year included seeing Crash Test Dummies finally for the first time, Mighty Mighty Boss Tones duet with Steve Jackson from The Pietasters, and finally getting to see LCD Soundsystem headline Virgin Mobile Free Festival at Merriweather (what an amazing day that was!). What a year!
2010 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google The National
1. The National - High Violet (5/10/2010)
There's a reason The National's High Violet is at #1 this year - it's also the first CD I've actually bought at least 3 copies of. It's an amazing album from start to finish. So relaxing. I really think more people ought to give it a chance. They're kind of like the band Morphine with a new, modern twist.

Google Therion
2. Therion - Sitra Ahra (9/17/2010)
A rather new Therion convert, I praise them constantly! Amazing band, long songs, tight CD, and beautiful epic tracks. They're hard to describe without using the words Opera Metal.

Google Melissa Auf Der Maur
3. Melissa Auf Der Maur - Out Of Our Minds (3/26/2010)
I had forgotten all about Melissa Auf Der Maur and probably would have had I not seen a random redhead girl at a ska show, of all places, who looked just like Auf Der Maur! I subsequently found this album as soon as I got home. I had thought MADM was only going to release that one album, but thankfully I was mistaken! Everything about this album screams rock music and I like it! She even features Danzig (an obsession of hers) on one of the tracks.

Google !!!
4. !!! - Strange Weather Isnt It (6/23/2010)
I wasn't sure what to expect from !!!'s new album, Strange Weather, and when I finally did listen to it I was a bit bummed, honestly. But, I grew to love it, and even though it's a short listen, I still enjoy it. I think they've finally found their mold.

Google Massive Attack
5. Massive Attack - Heligoland (2/3/2010)
Massive Attack's Heligoland was probably the most anticipated album of the year. That's probably because they only come out with an album once every 4 or 5 years at least! Massive Attack CDs have so many layers that make them so easy to repeat. And with Guy Garvey from Elbow featured as a guest on this album, I can't say anything more!

Google Faithless
6. Faithless - The Dance (5/16/2010)
I've been listening to Faithless for years now and have been following them since their debut album. I even got to chat with Sister Bliss online once earlier this year, as I happened to be on at the same time as a fan chat. Great album, of course, much better than their last one which was a total disappointment! I was so glad to have something new! Not Going Home and Sun To Me are my favorites. As usual, Dido makes an appearance.

Google Ultra Dolphins
7. Ultra Dolphins - Alien Baby (6/2/2010)
I was really surprised that Ultra Dolphins released another album. One of the most underappreciated bands ever! They sound like At The Drive In and Brand New mixed together. And they're from Richmond. The new CD took a bit getting used to... but, I still love it all the same!

Google LCD Soundsystem
8. LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening (5/17/2010)
When LCD Soundsystem announced a new CD, I had high hopes. The first track blows the rest of the cd out of the water! Still a great catch, though. I was definitely glad to have seen them live, especially when they played Dance Yrself Clean! Still wish they'd have played Someone Great, though. That one is their best.

Google The Suzan
9. The Suzan - Golden Weak For The Poco Beat (10/25/2010)
Great album, amazing band. Definitely check them out!

Google Chromeo
10. Chromeo - Business Casual (9/14/2010)
Chromeo was, for me, the highlight of this year's Virgin Mobile Free Fest. And to think I'd never had heard of them otherwise! Brilliant performers. I would see them again in a heartbeat! I'm sure their shows sell out in seconds. They kind of remind me of Daft Punk with a touch of the 80s.

Google Crash Test Dummies
1. Crash Test Dummies - Oooh La La (5/11/2010)
Crash Test Dummies threw the best concert of 2010 for me and this album is pretty darn good, too! Thanks!

Google Darling Thieves
2. Darling Thieves - Race To Red (6/17/2010)
I still hate Kate!

Google Deftones
3. Deftones - Diamond Eyes (5/4/2010)
First Deftones album I ever really got into. I like it!

Google Holly Brook
4. Holly Brook - O Dark Thirty (6/15/2010)
I tacked this album onto the end of her first EP and now the CD's long enough to enjoy!

Google Opposed 1
5. Opposed 1 - A New Direction (1/26/2010)
What a great new artist!

Google Trees On Fire
6. Trees On Fire - Organica (5/4/2010)
What a great new local band out of Virginia!

Google Yeasayer
7. Yeasayer - Odd Blood (2/8/2010)
I expected more out of this album, but it's still good, I guess!

Google Jamiroquai
8. Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star (10/29/2010)
I just couldn't get into this one. I'll have to give it another chance someday.

Google Finger Eleven
9. Finger Eleven - Life Turns Electric (10/5/2010)
Uggghhh why!

Google Ima Robot
10. Ima Robot - Another Mans Treasure (9/18/2010)
I really miss the early Ima Robot days!

Google Weezer
11. Weezer - Hurley (9/7/2010)
What the hell was this?!

Google Heart
12. Heart - Red Velvet Car (8/31/2010)

Google Godsmack
13. Godsmack - The Oracle (5/4/2010)
What happened to that great band I loved in the 90s? Where did they go?

Google The Knife
14. The Knife - Tomorrow In A Year (1/28/2010)
Really disappointing, even with the theme!

Google Vampire Weekend
15. Vampire Weekend - Contra (1/11/2010)
Overrated. The first album was better!

Google The Foals
16. The Foals - Total Life Forever (5/10/2010)
I love this album!  Didn't start listening until after 2010, though!

Google These New Puritans
17. These New Puritans - Hidden (1/18/2010)
Another amazing album that I didn't start listening to until after 2010.

Google Blue Six
18. Blue Six - Noesis (6/26/2010)
Blue Six is melodic and atmospheric.  I introduced them to my yoga teacher and she plays them in yoga class.  This album is a great addition to their lineup.


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