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6/29/2021 (Tuesday, 09:45 PM, Sake And Friends):
Just me and the dogs!


6/29/2020 (Monday, 10:13 PM, Covid Livestreams):
Metallica Monday pretty cool today to see them play Memory Remains and King Nothing. Those songs were huge in the 90s! Also, how about that beehive on my balcony?!
Poetry: White Priviledge


6/29/2019 (Saturday, 07:27 AM, Friends):
Stopped by Sam's in New Jersey for some Hash Hash A Go Go and water ice, which broke up the trip home nicely! It poured real bad after and there was a bunch of traffic on the Parkway, but I made it home in one piece even if my chicken & waffles didn't!


6/29/2018 (Friday, 06:45 PM, Exhibits):
Had so much fun checking out the Burning Man No Spectators exhibit at the Renwick Gallery in DC today and even got to see the new Rosslyn Observatory on the way home! At least now I know the observatory is free for Arlington residents!


6/29/2017 (Thursday, 07:22 PM):
Anyone want to go see LCD Soundsystem with me in October on my birthday week?! Nice new venue too!!

6/29/2014 (Sunday, 10:20 PM):
Not only did Springpad shut down this week, but Youlu did too.

6/29/2013 (Saturday, 11:59 PM):
Listening to a little Early Melodic Animals on the way home from a burlesque show never hurt anyone.

6/29/2012 (Friday, 11:47 PM):
So apparently I slept through the storms tonight. Go figure. Power's out, too. At least I dropped off my visa today for HK & China in a few months!

6/29/2011 (Wednesday, 03:51 PM, Sake And Friends):
Liking Glen Carlyn park way better than Shirlington and it's even closer!


6/29/2008 (Sunday, 02:41 PM):
Just signed up for a gym and a personal trainer so here's to getting back into shape!

6/29/2005 (Wednesday, 09:57 AM):
I just figured out a way last night to copy over my NES and SNES roms to my PSP. Too bad there isn't an emulator yet for my N64 roms, it'd be pretty sweet if I could play Conker on my PSP. I can update, really.

6/29/2004 (Tuesday, 06:46 PM):
I'm off to karate in about twenty minutes. I'll be damned if I don't go tonight. I'm missing Thursday for The Streets. I can't wait!
Top Ten: We Are Not Alone by Breaking Benjamin


6/29/2003 (Sunday, 12:22 PM):
I drove to Baltimore for the first time in my new car. I left the house around 3. Noah was staying there for a teacher's conference. So we grabbed a lunch in a nearby food court and by 5:30 I was back on the road!

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