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7/11/2019 (Thursday, 09:49 PM, Skys The Limit):
So glad I made it home just in time for the second crazy storm of the week to hit!


7/11/2015 (Saturday, 03:58 PM):
Pretty summer sunset yesterday!

7/11/2013 (Thursday, 06:33 PM):
The best part about seeing Smashing Pumpkins live at home? Nobody can hear me butcher Disarm!

7/11/2011 (Monday, 08:01 PM, Concerts):
Soundgarden is gonna be HOT tomorrow!

7/11/2010 (Sunday, 08:53 AM):
Had fun at Sa Toshi's party last night!

7/11/2009 (Saturday, 10:40 PM):
Did the whole DC thing with a visiting coworker today, complete with a really awesome paella at a Brazilian restaurant in downtown Adams Morgan. Yes, you can be jealous, too! Fun day!

7/11/2008 (Friday, 09:24 AM):
On Wednesday I tried a bosu class. I really liked it! It was quite a workout.

7/11/2007 (Wednesday, 04:22 PM):
I hate getting docked for something that's not quite my fault or my boss's! It was a big miscommunication with the customer and they ended up presenting numbers that were wrong.

7/11/2003 (Friday, 11:02 PM):
So what else? The new Clawfinger Zeros & Heroes arrived! YAY!! Today was Carmina Burada (Russian piece) and 1812 Overture (cool cannons) at Wolf Trap. Cool!

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