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9/3/2016 (Saturday, 07:57 PM, Skys The Limit):
That was such a pretty sunset tonight!!


9/3/2012 (Monday, 01:03 AM):
All systems go for Beijing!
Diaries: Day 10


9/3/2011 (Saturday, 09:54 AM):
Knee still pretty swollen, but it's looking like a busy weekend regardless! Getting ready to tear up Manassas tonight!!

9/3/2010 (Friday, 09:41 PM):
Excited for Keith and Colleen's wedding this weekend in Chicago!

9/3/2009 (Thursday, 06:14 PM):
Indian food for dinner tonight! I just wanted to write these combinations down before I forget: On The Ropes. It's Tricky. Let's Take Him Out. Hurricane. I love Rebecca's names for these!

9/3/2007 (Monday, 07:44 PM):
I'm back from my trip to East Hampton! Yay! The family reunion went great as planned!

9/3/2006 (Sunday, 10:30 PM):
Then the power went out when I got back home. It was about 10:30 Friday night. So I lit some candles and slept in the living room on the couch and rocking chair with the screen door providing the breeze as there was no AC without any electricity.

9/3/2004 (Friday, 12:14 PM):
I went to karate class again last night after work. It was all right. I was really in the mood for an upper body workout and we did kicks so I wasn't too into it.

9/3/2003 (Wednesday, 07:57 PM):
Sugar Ray tonight!!
Concerts: Sugar Ray at 930 Club
Poetry: An Ant Elopes

9/3/2001 (Monday, 09:25 AM):
A new Jamiroquai album! Yay!
Top Ten: A Funk Odyssey by Jamiroquai


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