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In 2001, I was in Spain for a semester abroad and didn't get out to too many shows, but I did manage to pick up Kemopetrol's first album in Madrid Rock and they became one of my favorite bands, which could have lead to my obsession with Massive Attack. I was always a huge Bjork fan and was ever so excited about Vespertine. While in Madrid, I got to see Less Than Jake and Dido, both great concerts. The Crystal Method at the 9:30 Club was fun, too. Local H at Black Cat was legendary. However, the real winner this year was Rammstein at Nation. That show was intense!
2001 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google Bjork
1. Bjork - Vespertine (8/27/2001)
Hidden Place and Pagan Poetry are classic Bjork. I wish she would stop trying too hard though, this was probably her best album out of her career, which went downhill after this release.

Google Clawfinger
2. Clawfinger - A Whole Lot Of Nothing (7/23/2001)
Every song is just awesome. One of the best Clawfinger albums out there!

Google Anyone
3. Anyone - Anyone (2/27/2001)
I still listen to this album 15+ years later. The Whole World's Insane! It was then and even crazier now!

Google Brand New
4. Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (10/9/2001)
I would put this on any Mix Tape. Jude Law And A Semester Abroad is a great tune as well, and Soco Amaretto Lime is probably my most-favorite Brand New track ever.

Google Lloyd Dobler Effect
5. Lloyd Dobler Effect - Ecstasy Sold Here (2/11/2001)
Takes me back to the early years I saw Lloyd Dobler Effect and their song Rabies was fun entertainment for sure!

Google OneSideZero
6. OneSideZero - Is This Room Getting Smaller (11/20/2001)
A huge OneSideZero fan. Tapwater is my anthem!

Google Daft Punk
7. Daft Punk - Discovery (2/26/2001)
One More Time - we gonna celebrate!

Google The White Stripes
8. The White Stripes - White Blood Cells (7/3/2001)
I think We're Going To Be Friends.

Google Elbow
9. Elbow - Asleep In The Back (5/7/2001)
The debut album by Elbow. Any Day Now, Bitten By The Tailfly, and Newborn are all great. A sign of great things to come.

Google Faithless
10. Faithless - Outrospective (6/18/2001)
We Come 1 is amazing!! Muhammad Ali, Tarantula, Not Enuff Love, also good. One of my lesser-loved Faithless albums, but still crazy good compared to a lot of other stuff from 2001!

Google The National
1. The National - The National (10/30/2001)
American Mary, 29 Years, Anna Freud, yep The National has been making amazing albums ever since 2001!

Google Pink
2. Pink - Missundaztood (11/20/2001)
Get The Party Started was everywhere in 2001. Not sure why, but it was.

Google 311
3. 311 - From Chaos (6/19/2001)
Amber and I'll Be Here Awhile are my favorite 311 tracks from this album.

Google Speak No Evil
4. Speak No Evil - Welcome To The Downside (8/28/2001)
I overheard some folks talking about Speak No Evil at a Godsmack concert and decided to pick up the album. Glad I did, the whole thing is great! Live My Life, Pass The Power, Bring Your Body are my favorites and they're quite catchy.

Google Adema
5. Adema - Adema (8/21/2001)
It's no wonder Adema is related to Korn singer Jonathan Davis. Giving In is am amazing song!

Google Tool
6. Tool - Lateralus (5/15/2001)
Parabola was probably their biggest track from this album.

Google Jimmy Eat World
7. Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American (7/24/2001)
Bleed American, The Middle, and Swetness were everywhere in 2001 and for good reason!

Google Jamiroquai
8. Jamiroquai - A Funk Odyssey (9/3/2001)
Little L is one of my favorite Jamiroquai songs and Feel So Good is a great one too.

Google Weezer
9. Weezer - The Green Album (5/15/2001)
Photograph, Hash Pipe, and Island In The Sun are amazing songs from this album.

Google Crash Test Dummies
10. Crash Test Dummies - I Dont Care That You Dont Mind (4/3/2001)
Maybe not their best album, but I'm always a fan of Brad Roberts and his band Crash Test Dummies.

Google Puya
11. Puya - Union (6/12/2001)
Nu metal in Spanish from Puerto Rico. Why not?

Google Default
12. Default - The Fallout (10/2/2001)
Wasting My Time was their big single and it was pretty good!

Google System Of A Down
13. System Of A Down - Toxicity (9/4/2001)
Chop Suey was everywhere in 2001!

Google Cake
14. Cake - Comfort Eagle (7/24/2001)
Short Skirt Long Jacket always makes me think of Chuck since that's the theme song for one of my favorite TV shows.

Google Garbage
15. Garbage - Beautiful Garbage (9/27/2001)
Garbage's last really good album. Great songs including Shut Your Mouth, Cherry Lips, and Untouchable. It's also intresting that the title of this album comes from a Courtney Love lyric.


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