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Rosh Hashanah
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9/16/2022 (Friday, 04:51 PM):
New Blaqk Audio album and Death Cab For Cutie out today! Cool!! Plus, I took my car to the shop and got it tuned up!
Top Ten: Trop Damour by Blaqk Audio
Top Ten: Asphalt Meadows by Death Cab For Cutie


9/16/2018 (Sunday, 12:28 PM, Sake And Friends):
Such a nice day to have the dogs hang out on the balcony for sure!


9/16/2008 (Tuesday, 04:20 PM):
Not every day there's a new Caroline's Spine album out! Work It Out!
Top Ten: Work It Out by Carolines Spine


9/16/2006 (Saturday, 07:25 PM):
Went to a Luau today, sponsored by Wolf Trap. It was really nice.

9/16/2004 (Thursday, 01:37 PM):
I found a link to listen to the new album from The Music Welcome To The North before it's even out!

9/16/2002 (Monday, 08:05 PM):
Ryan and Courteney picked me up for lunch to some random Mexican restaurant. Pretty fun day!

9/16/2001 (Sunday, 03:22 PM):
A grain of sand passes through the hourglass, to be flipped is more than I can take.
Poetry: Never Dying

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