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10/10/2018 (Wednesday, 05:43 PM, Food):
Can't go wrong with Bozelli's pizza on the way home from work! Wow!


10/10/2013 (Thursday, 07:03 PM):
How about we reopen the government and shut down the rain?

10/10/2011 (Monday, 10:08 PM):
The Evokatones opened up for The Toasters on Saturday night in Baltimore at The Ottobar. Great set, especially for having been their first concert EVER. Pretty cool.

10/10/2010 (Sunday, 09:53 PM):
I give today a 10!

10/10/2009 (Saturday, 09:45 AM):
The last meetup I went on, Brett never researched the campsite. It had 10 PM curfew, close proximity with other tenting areas, and was basically a trailer park for car camping. So hopefully we can still pull this off.

10/10/2007 (Wednesday, 12:35 PM):
I've been trying to catch up on music I purchased over in Ireland. CDs in Europe are expensive! I really dig Messiah J And The Expert. They have another debut album out I will have to buy at some point too.

10/10/2003 (Friday, 11:08 PM):
At Tower Records I listened to a bunch of CDs there and finally decided on the band Ima Robot and also picked up a Lake Trout CD called Another One Lost. Lake Trout really blew me away when I saw them live! The Ima Robot CD is also pretty cool!

10/10/2000 (Tuesday, 08:52 AM):
I look up and notably recognize the above.
Poetry: Oh The Weather

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