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10/11/2019 (Friday, 08:20 PM, Food):
A very nice dinner date at Del Mar on the Wharf! Spent a bundle even after splitting the tab but it was a great meal nonetheless! Oh and what a great weekend for new music, Lemolo, R+, and Elbow all released new albums today! Woohoo!!
Top Ten: Giants Of All Sizes by Elbow
Top Ten: Swansea by Lemolo
Top Ten: The Last Summer by R Plus


10/11/2018 (Thursday, 05:48 PM, Food):
Smores at work today! Perfect for a rainy day.
Top Ten: Atlas Underground by Tom Morello


10/11/2014 (Saturday, 11:13 AM):
Labyrinth sequel AND a Fraggle Rock movie coming? Woah.

10/11/2013 (Friday, 08:50 AM):
New Pearl Jam looks meh indeed.
Top Ten: Lightning Bolt by Pearl Jam


10/11/2012 (Thursday, 07:19 PM):
Larry And His Flask and Kill Lincoln at the Velvet Lounge on this Sunday!

10/11/2011 (Tuesday, 10:13 PM):
Can't believe my code worked on the first try, digging my new website!

10/11/2010 (Monday, 10:40 PM):
The year's not over yet but I can already tell you my favorite album of 2010 is Therion's Sitra Ahra. I've been listening to the latest from !!! a lot too, and of course The National's High Violet.

10/11/2009 (Sunday, 06:58 PM, Old Rag):
Hiked Old Rag Mountain today! What beautiful weather for a gorgeous fall hike!


10/11/2008 (Saturday, 02:21 PM):
Just got to the hotel in Hawthorne, California! It's super nice.

10/11/2006 (Wednesday, 07:21 PM):
Tonight: The Rock Circus! in Toronto!

10/11/2005 (Tuesday, 02:32 PM):
Had fun touring Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. Plus my Calvin and Hobbes complete collection came in the mail finally! So cool! And I bought a game for the PSP called Gripshift. Awesome game!!

10/11/2002 (Friday, 09:12 AM):
Let's just hope he doesn't reload.
Poetry: Unnecessary Stress

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