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Time for my annual top 10 album reviews! This year provided a lot of good with a lot of bad, but my favorite bands definitely didn't disappoint and they're my favorites for a reason! Check out my favorite albums of 2011. Kemopetrol for the win!
2011 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google Kemopetrol
1. Kemopetrol - A Song And A Reason (9/21/2011)
Out comes the morning with an offer in her hand, out comes the evening with a different plan.

Google She Wants Revenge
2. She Wants Revenge - Valleyheart (5/24/2011)
A little different from their earlier albums, but not by much.  Little Stars, Reasons, Take The World, are all great.

Google Moby
3. Moby - Destroyed (5/11/2011)
I can listen to this album anytime, anywhere.  So many emotions! Moby doesn't care what people think anymore, he just wants to make good music.  And that's just what he does!  My favorite is After, Victoria Lucas is great, too.

Google Her Space Holiday
4. Her Space Holiday - Anything For Progress (8/16/2011)
My only complaint is that this album is only 35 minutes long!  But, it sure is amazing.  Go Mark!

Google Bjork
5. Bjork - Biophilia (10/5/2011)
As much as I love Bjork, I hate that these songs currently have app counterparts on itunes and nowhere else.  If you're going to release apps at least make them PC/MAC compatible! Great album though, especially for someone getting close to 50! I love that she uses some sort of dubstep at the end of Crystalline.

Google Early Melodic Animals
6. Early Melodic Animals - Day 01 (2/18/2011)
Peace Of Mind, Move, Catastrophe, Song For Julien, but my favorite is Empty, such a great album all around!

Google Architecture In Helsinki
7. Architecture In Helsinki - Moment Bends (4/8/2011)
Kind of a different twist for Architecture In Helsinki, but this album definitely grew on me.  When I saw them live, they played most of this album.  B4 3D is an amazing song. I love the whole album!

Google Elbow
8. Elbow - Build A Rocket Boys (3/4/2011)
I was kind of borderline not going to their concert this year but I'm glad I did!  They are always amazing live. Their new album doesn't disappoint, though has a few duds here and there.  Seldom Seen Kid was stronger.

Google Theory Of A Deadman
9. Theory Of A Deadman - The Truth Is (7/12/2011)
I like Theory Of A Deadman even though they sound a lot like Nickelback.  This album was just okay, some good songs, most bad. Their earlier albums were better.

Google Lia Ices
10. Lia Ices - Grown Unknown (1/25/2011)
I love Lia Ices.  One of the best new artists I have found out this year.  Think Tori Amos and Dido.  I got to meet her, and she is fun live, too.

Google The Dreaming
1. The Dreaming - Puppet (11/1/2011)
A few good songs. Guess they won't be the same until (if) Stabbing Westward ever comes back.

Google Boy Hits Car
2. Boy Hits Car - Stealing Fire (1/28/2011)
I'll always love Boy Hits Car but they're not the same band anymore after the lineup change.

Google Incubus
3. Incubus - If Not Now When (7/12/2011)
A bit different release from Incubus but I loved it! I can see how diehard Incubus fans might not, though.

Google Relient K
4. Relient K - K Is For Karaoke (7/28/2011)
K is for Karaoke! Let's sing some karaoke songs with Relient K!

Google Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Im With You (8/26/2011)
A terrible album really.

Google Of Monsters And Men
6. Of Monsters And Men - My Head Is An Animal (9/20/2011)
Wow was Little Talks everywhere in 2011!

Google Jamie Woon
7. Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting (4/18/2011)
An amazing album from the first song to the last!

Google Blue October
8. Blue October - Any Man In America (4/16/2011)

Google Bella Morte
9. Bella Morte - Before The Flood (6/14/2011)
Falling Skies is a great song and overall a pretty decent release by Bella Morte.


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