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11/7/2018 (Wednesday, 11:16 PM):
Jason Mewes was terrible at the DC Improv! I was so sorry to bring me and my friend to it. Oh well, can't win them all!
Concerts: Jason Mewes at DC Improv


11/7/2016 (Monday, 01:45 PM, World Around Me):
A very pretty fall day over by Kingstowne near work! Love my lunch breaks on the water here!!


11/7/2014 (Friday, 01:43 PM):
A new Zaz album, cool!
Top Ten: Paris by Zaz


11/7/2013 (Thursday, 06:13 AM, Concerts):
Lady Gaga to perform in space in 2015. Can we please send Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus there too?
Concerts: CocoRosie at Sixth & I Synagogue


11/7/2012 (Wednesday, 12:11 AM):
YAY for Obama and YAY for Maryland! What an awesome turnout.

11/7/2011 (Monday, 07:02 PM):
Moby, Beer, and Burritos!!

11/7/2008 (Friday, 11:50 AM):
I've been doing okay. I stayed with Michael and Elyse on Wednesday night and stayed over at Lucy and Leon's last night after my gym class.

11/7/2006 (Tuesday, 09:29 AM):
New Bowling For Soup, meh!
Top Ten: The Great Burrito Extortion Case by Bowling For Soup


11/7/2005 (Monday, 07:14 AM):
If you were to tell someone you're quitting (Tower Records), how would you do it?

11/7/2004 (Sunday, 09:30 AM):
Take the wheel and drive me home.
Poetry: Somewhat Something

11/7/2003 (Friday, 09:35 AM):
The mirror puts me in my place.
Poetry: Reflex

11/7/2002 (Thursday, 01:10 PM):
I like watching the bottles gather sunshine!

11/7/2001 (Wednesday, 08:24 AM):
I force myself to say no.
Poetry: Strong Forces

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