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11/8/2018 (Thursday, 04:52 PM, Skys The Limit):
Happy Birthday, Mom! What a beautiful sunset, even having missed the best one earlier this week!


11/8/2014 (Saturday, 08:41 AM):
You know why they don't have a Mormon food truck, right? They'd just spend all day chasing after people to talk to them and never get around to cooking anything!

11/8/2013 (Friday, 01:29 AM):
Kembra Pfahler was the opening performance before CocoRosie tonight. It was painful. Really, really painful!

11/8/2012 (Thursday, 09:55 AM):
The sad part about geting in late for work is I went to bed at 10 pm. Oh and Soundgarden? Your new CD is crap.

11/8/2011 (Tuesday, 12:47 PM):
Got my hands on some FLAC files finally. Morphine's never sounded better!

11/8/2010 (Monday, 09:34 PM):
Codfish dinner, spiked hot apple cider. Not a bad way to end a Monday!

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