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My Top Ten for music is pretty sad this year, but the top three or four albums listed here make up for it I suppose. Sonata Arctica's Pariah's Child is one of THE BEST albums I've heard in a long, long time and gets better with every listen. Elbow's latest The Take Off And Landing Of Everything is also their best in their career and I love that album as well. Zaz's Paris album is pretty good, too, but really, beyond these listed below - what the hell? I've been listening to a ton of Lost Lander and love them, and Lemolo is really awesome, but not exactly 2014 material, so they can't be listed here. Oh well, hopefully next year will be better.
2014 TOP 10 ALBUMS
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1. Sonata Arctica - Pariahs Child (3/28/2014)
Such a great album. Every song is amazing. Imagine Rent the musical meets heavy metal. Take One Breath and Love are my favorites, but the entire album is a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment. Amazing.

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2. Elbow - The Take Off And Landing Of Everything (3/10/2014)
This album was really great for Elbow. Standout tracks include This Blue World and My Sad Captains. The whole album is great to listen to in its entirety.

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3. Zaz - Paris (11/7/2014)
I'm a huge fan of Zaz having followed her since her debut album. This one, Paris, is no exception. Check out her hit, Paris Sera Toujours Paris. Because it will (and because you can).

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4. Deals Gone Bad - Heartbreaks And Shadows (6/3/2014)
Deal's Gone Bad does ska like no other. Heartbreaks And Shadows was a bit disappointing after The Ramblers was so great, but it warmed up to me after a few listens. Shine and Just Won't Do are particularly great, but every song is tight.

Google Angelspit
5. Angelspit - The Product (3/11/2014)
Maybe not the easiest album for the casual fan, Angelspit came back this year with their expected, heavy sound. Because God is an awesome song, and the rest ain't half bad either!

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6. Client - Authority (3/21/2014)
I was excited to see the ladies from Client come back with Authority. Although not my favorite album, it was a decent effort. XXX Action is probably the most memorable track.

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7. Sarah McLachlan - Shine On (5/6/2014)
It could be the fact that I saw Sarah in concert this year at Wolf Trap, but her new album is pretty good, and she played most if not all of it the whole way through. Flesh And Blood is a pretty good track, and the rest follow along her usual style.

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8. Weird Al - Mandatory Fun (7/15/2014)
Hopefully, Weird Al will continue making awesome albums as this one! It was fun seeing him in concert, too. Foil and Word Crimes are my two favorites this year from him. He really should have been the Superbowl halftime show, however. Meh!

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9. Chromeo - White Women (5/6/2014)
At the risk of not having enough music for the year, Chromeo's White Women comes in at #9. Jealous and Sexy Socialite are pretty memorable. The album is a bit of a disappointment, but is a decent effort overall.

Google Imogen Heap
10. Imogen Heap - Sparks (8/9/2014)
This album was quite a bit of a letdown! But, I did like Telemiscommunications that she did with Deadmau5. That song was okay.

Google Thousand Foot Krutch
1. Thousand Foot Krutch - Oxygen Inhale (8/26/2014)
About half of this album is really good. The rest stinks! The first three songs are worth checking out, though!

Google Lia Ices
2. Lia Ices - Ices (9/15/2014)
What happened? She really changed her sound! Ugh!!

Google Lacuna Coil
3. Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo (4/1/2014)
Generic corporate radio trash. Moving along...

Google Boy Hits Car
4. Boy Hits Car - All That Led Us Here (5/2/2014)
Before they changed their lineup (in the first three albums phase), they were really amazing. Now, they suck. This album is another disappointment, unfortunately. Hopefully, better luck next time!


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