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11/9/2018 (Friday, 11:37 PM):
Kevin Griffin from Better Than Ezra was so amazing at the new DC City Winery! Ryanhood was also a great opener! What an amazing first time at the venue! I wish it was just a tad bit easier to get to but still, so much fun!!
Concerts: Kevin Griffin at DC City Winery


11/9/2017 (Thursday, 10:17 PM):
That was a fun day with my company presenting new material on Machine Learning and Block Chain and then playing Topgolf after! I did pretty good for my swing!

11/9/2016 (Wednesday, 08:02 PM):
If we do away with the electoral college and just concentrate on the popular vote (which, by the way, HRC actually did win), we wouldn't be hurting smaller states. We'd be hurting the ignorant & uneducated.

11/9/2015 (Monday, 09:39 PM, Sake And Friends):
She looks like she wants dinner but instead got a pillow.


11/9/2014 (Sunday, 07:36 PM):
My first try at making arepas!!


11/9/2013 (Saturday, 04:45 PM):
I kind of wish Best Buy went under instead of Blockbuster.

11/9/2012 (Friday, 11:26 AM):
Yes a noreaster - a storm so powerful, it can wipe out a region's supply of Ts and Hs. - Stephen Colbert

11/9/2011 (Wednesday, 09:45 PM):
Julieta Venegas at the State Theater tonight!!
Concerts: Julieta Venegas at State Theater


11/9/2007 (Friday, 02:05 PM):
I bought the new Simpsons game for PSP on my lunch break. It's very disappointing! This is the first new game that I've really played since Crush. I also got Bang Bang Sixxx, a novel written by Jon Crosby of Vast. I'll have to check it out soon!

11/9/2005 (Wednesday, 01:54 PM):
I'm a bit nervous for the green belt test coming up Friday. Wish me luck!
Poetry: Wouldnt It Be Amazing

11/9/2004 (Tuesday, 10:54 AM):
Kemopetrol has a new album out called Play For Me, released March 2004. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!

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