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11/10/2017 (Friday, 06:05 PM):
Here at National Airport for an Honor Flight with some coworkers on Veteran's Day!


11/10/2015 (Tuesday, 10:32 AM):
New Lemolo!!
Top Ten: Red Right Return by Lemolo


11/10/2014 (Monday, 10:58 AM):
This Concert For Valor event sounds cool, if it was for vets only.

11/10/2013 (Sunday, 10:37 AM):
Metro should be announcing things that work as opposed to things that don't.

11/10/2007 (Saturday, 02:17 AM):
I just watched Dazed And Confused for the first time in its entirety tonight!

11/10/2005 (Thursday, 06:09 PM):
So I just realized something. We got tickets Wednesday November 23rd for Wicked in NYC, but not only that, Dom Irrera is doing a gig in Philly on the 26th! Should be a fun Thanksgiving!!

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