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In 2000, I saw Local H for the first time and Moby for the first time as well. SR-71, Violent Femmes, Bloodhound Gang, and VAST were also fun. Not a bad year at all!
2000 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google Kemopetrol
1. Kemopetrol - Slowed Down (4/1/2000)
I was in Spain when I really picked up on Kemopetrol but technically their debut came out in 2000. Laura and her band are always fantastic! Too bad I never got to see them live, I found out about them after their performance in Spain that year had already happened. Doh!!!

Google Guano Apes
2. Guano Apes - Dont Give Me Names (5/2/2000)
No Speech, Big In Japan, Living In A Lie, Mine All Mine. I listened to a lot of Guano Apes back then. Such a great band!

Google Vast
3. Vast - Music For People (9/12/2000)
Jon Crosby's second VAST album was almost as good as his first, though I'm not sure anything could top the debut album!

Google Zebrahead
4. Zebrahead - Playmate Of The Year (8/22/2000)
I love Zebrahead and every track on this album is a masterpiece! Unfortunately after Justin left the band couldn't come up with anything good, but this is great as it is!

Google Papa Roach
5. Papa Roach - Infest (9/19/2000)
Last Resort and Never Enough and Between Angels And Insects were everywhere in 2000. Kind of a fun band!

Google Goldfrapp
6. Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain (9/11/2000)
Felt Mountain by Golfrapp is a great song! The rest of the album pretty good too.

Google Hooverphonic
7. Hooverphonic - The Magnificent Tree (9/26/2000)
Classic, melodic Hooverphonic album. Love it!

Google SR71
8. SR71 - Now You See Inside (10/3/2000)
Too bad this was their only good album. Right Now was pretty popular in 2000. They were fun live!

Google At The Drive In
9. At The Drive In - Relationship Of Command (9/12/2000)
Pattern Against User and One Armed Scissor are my favorite At The Drive In songs! And both are on this amazing album!

Google A Perfect Circle
10. A Perfect Circle - Mer De Norms (6/20/2000)
Magdalena, Rose, Judith. Classic A Perfect Circle!

Google Peaches
1. Peaches - The Teaches Of Peaches (9/5/2000)
Fuck The Pain Away and Set It Off! Peaches are so bad it's good.

Google Her Space Holiday
2. Her Space Holiday - Home Is Where You Hang Yourself (6/20/2000)
A depressing album title but great song! Her Space Holiday is awesome!

Google Placebo
3. Placebo - Black Market Music (9/9/2000)
Special K!

Google Eve 6
4. Eve 6 - Horrorscope (5/23/2000)
Promise, Amphetamines, and Here's To The Night. Classic Eve 6!

Google Bella Morte
5. Bella Morte - Where Shadows Lie (6/6/2000)
A lot like Typ-O Negative, but not.

Google Tool
6. Tool - Salival (12/12/2000)
Tool's No Quarter Led Zeppelin cover is the best cover ever by any band. Seriously!

Google The White Stripes
7. The White Stripes - De Stijl (6/20/2000)
Hello Operator is the song to remember from this album.

Google Taproot
8. Taproot - Gift (6/27/2000)
Again And Again is a pretty classic Taproot song.

Google Sleater Kinney
9. Sleater Kinney - All Hands On The Bad One (5/2/2000)
Ironclad is such an awesome song!

Google Radiohead
10. Radiohead - Kid A (10/2/2000)
Not the most radio friendly Radiohead album but worth mentioning nonetheless.

Google Olive
11. Olive - Trickle (5/30/2000)
Not as good as their debut album, but a decent effort by Olive.

Google Morphine
12. Morphine - The Night (2/1/2000)
RIP Mark Sandman. The Night and Top Floor Bottom Buzzer are my favorite tracks from this album!

Google Moloko
13. Moloko - Things To Make And Do (10/31/2000)
Always a fan of Moloko and Roisin Murphy!

Google Deftones
14. Deftones - White Pony (6/20/2000)
Not a huge Deftones fan but I can understand the importance of this album.

Google Godsmack
15. Godsmack - Awake (10/31/2000)
I was much more into Godsmack's debut album than their second, but I suppose it's worth mentioning after all.


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