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Thanksgiving Day
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11/25/2018 (Sunday, 08:45 PM):
Glad I finally got some turkey, even if it was just a trip to Whole Foods today. Fun hanging out with Nick around Crystal City too on such a warm wintry day! Too bad the fountain was off though.


11/25/2017 (Saturday, 10:42 PM):
Had fun today with Dave and Michelle and their friend Tony at Fettoosh! Was a little long waiting for our food since they were busy, but still fun to see everyone! So full!

11/25/2016 (Friday, 05:25 PM):
Having a decent time in NYC with family! Funny how everyone I know lives on the same block and it's such a big city!


11/25/2014 (Tuesday, 07:38 AM):
Katy Perry for halftime show? Should have been Weird Al Yankovic!

11/25/2013 (Monday, 08:45 PM):
Ooh a new Kosheen album!
Top Ten: Solitude by Kosheen


11/25/2012 (Sunday, 10:59 AM):
Thanks for the music, Skins! So glad I'm continuing with Season 5. 1-4 were amazing, but 5 is taking a little getting used to. The only other show that came close to having this kind of amazing music in it was Chuck.


11/25/2011 (Friday, 12:00 PM):
Me and Sake are outside Palisades Mall in New York waiting for Katina who is doing a Best Buy run.

11/25/2009 (Wednesday, 07:48 PM):
New York better be ready for me cause here I come!

11/25/2008 (Tuesday, 03:14 PM):
Sherri called me to remind her to pick me up for carpool!

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