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2013 was actually a really good year for music. Old bands with new albums. A few new bands with new albums. All in all, some really fucking great music came out of 2013 and I'm pretty excited for what's in store for the future. Especially when I think of my top 3 albums for 2013!
2013 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google These New Puritans
1. These New Puritans - Field Of Reeds (6/10/2013)
Someone on Amazon describes listening to this album as a privilege. Not too many artists have that creativity or talent to make an album of such beauty. Fragment Two is really great, but this is an album that's better appreciated as a whole. There's just nothing else out there quite like it.

Google How To Destroy Angels
2. How To Destroy Angels - Welcome Oblivion (3/5/2013)
It's funny how I like Trent Reznor's side project How To Destroy Angels way better than the latest Nine Inch Nails effort. So much tighter! I even like the random folk track, How Long, which might be my favorite. This will hold me over until the next Massive Attack album for sure!

Google The Naked And Famous
3. The Naked And Famous - In Rolling Waves (9/13/2013)
I was introduced to this band back on their release album when they supported The Foals. Pretty damn good concert! This album took a few listens to get to like but I really love it. It's so different than their first. Hearts Like Ours is amazing and Waltz is an instant favorite as well. Awesome album.

Google The National
4. The National - Trouble Will Find Me (5/17/2013)
I was a little disappointed on my first few listens I must admit, but this album grew on me. You just can't go wrong with The National. Don't Swallow The Cap sounds like pretty sage advice.

Google Korn
5. Korn - The Paradigm Shift (10/8/2013)
I was SO surprised I like this album as much as I do. I haven't liked a Korn album since Follow The Leader and this is such a nice throwback for me, thanks to the new lineup which is probably as close to what they can get for their original lineup from back in the early days. Kind of weird hearing them bitch about relationships when they're all married and have kids, but alas, great songs nonetheless. Never Never is an instant classic!

Google Goldfrapp
6. Goldfrapp - Tales Of Us (9/6/2013)
This album totally caught me by surprise. Super mellow indeed! I've been eyeing Goldfrapp for a while now, this is my favorite of hers for sure. I really like the simplicity of the track titles too. Jo and Drew might be my favorites on here.

Google Daft Punk
7. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (5/17/2013)
I know a lot of hardcore Daft Punk fans weren't too happy with this album, but I personally love it to death. Such a relief from what's generally played on the radio! I really like Lose Yourself To Dance and Get Lucky. So great to hear, especially since Chromeo's new album won't come out till next year.

Google Little Boots
8. Little Boots - Nocturnes (5/3/2013)
I was pretty excited for Little Boots (Victoria Heseketh)'s second album. She's kind of like an up and coming Madonna. Maybe I should have seen her when she came to Philly, but alas, I'll have to wait till a DC date, if ever! Seems she likes the west coast more (I don't blame her!). Every track is great, especially Every Night I Say A Prayer. It kind of reminds me of the electro-pop of Client albums as well.

Google Plumb
9. Plumb - Need You Now (2/26/2013)
This one caught me by surprise. I hadn't listened to her since the 90s and was lucky enough to catch her on tour at Jammin Java, a really small local venue, of all places. Totally loved the show and all the new songs, especially I Want You Here, Drifting, One Drop, and Need You Now. I know she's a bit religious, but that doesn't necessarily bother me too much, the music more than makes up for it!

Google Zaz
10. Zaz - Recto Verso (5/10/2013)
I love Zaz. She's so quirky and awesome, so real. Even though I don't speak a lick of french (si vous plait), I really dig this artist. I'm really glad she held up to my expectations with her second album, her debut is just as good!

Google AFI
1. AFI - Burials (10/22/2013)
Pretty good album, but more of the same.

Google Relient K
2. Relient K - Collapsible Lung (7/2/2013)
Way more pop and dumbed-down lyrics than fans are used to getting with Relient K. But still a few really good songs. I feel like the album could be way stronger, even given those handicaps.

Google Nine Inch Nails
3. Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks (8/30/2013)
Some songs are awesome here, but Trent's butchering his live shows by playing too many new songs and not enough of the older classics. Still fun to see NIN live for the first time this year. This album was just OK for me.

Google Megadeth
4. Megadeth - Super Collider (6/4/2013)
I like the start of this album a lot but then it falls flat for me. I wish they kept the momentum going. Guess that's what happens when you're as old as Megadeth.

Google Kosheen
5. Kosheen - Solitude (11/25/2013)
Another album of more of the same. Still, fun to listen to some electro pop drum and bass kind of stuff.

Google Emiliana Torrini
6. Emiliana Torrini - Tookah (9/6/2013)
I do love Emiliana Torrini and her album's really good. There are just so many better albums, she kind of falls somewhere in the middle for me.

Google Psapp
7. Psapp - What Makes Us Glow (11/11/2013)
Not a bad album indeed, but not amazing either. Still great to see this cat obsessed band is back after a few years. Under The Sun is a really good track.

Google Opposed 1
8. Opposed 1 - 12 Signs (11/26/2013)
Great to see Matt still plugging away. Glad he's not giving up the project!

Google Vast
9. Vast - Works In Progress (10/15/2013)
Glad to see Jon releasing new material before an official release, but it really should have been shared on Soundcloud. Guess he needs the money. Congrats on the baby!

Google Evokatones
10. Evokatones - Emergency (6/22/2013)
Ska from Baltimore! Great band and Coleen is super nice.

Google Kill Lincoln
11. Kill Lincoln - Thats Cool In a Totally Negative and Destructive Way (6/4/2013)
Ska punk from the nation's capitol!

Google Moondog Medicine Show
12. Moondog Medicine Show - Elixir (6/10/2013)
Fun blues and Lana has a great voice! I was lucky enough to catch them live a few times, most notably at the Columbia Pike Bluesfest the first time I saw them!

Google Your Cousin Marvin
13. Your Cousin Marvin - Demons Of Reality (4/12/2013)
A great rock band that I wish would get noticed more. No Sympathy kicks ass!!

Google 30 Seconds To Mars
14. 30 Seconds To Mars - Love Lust Faith And Dreams (5/17/2013)
Up In The Air and City Of Angels were both really great. Jared Leto is awesome. This CD was overall just okay, though.

Google Biffy Clyro
15. Biffy Clyro - Opposites (1/28/2013)
This album was a bit of a letdown after Puzzle was so awesome. Puzzle was the best!

Google CocoRosie
16. CocoRosie - Tales Of The Grass Widow (5/27/2013)
This album was kind of weird, just like CocoRosie! Eh. Seeing them live at the 6th & I Synagogue was cool, but their opening act Kendra was the worst ever (and apparently she's friends with them!).

Google Moby
17. Moby - Innocents (10/1/2013)
Made me feel as old as Moby is.

Google Pearl Jam
18. Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt (10/11/2013)
It's just not Ten, Vs, or Yield anymore. Not the same band at all. Sad.

Google Placebo
19. Placebo - Loud Like Love (9/13/2013)
The songs were so not memorable at all and just plain stupid (waste of time). What a shame.

Google The Knife
20. The Knife - Shaking The Habitual (4/5/2013)
I guess Silent Shout is their only amazing album (which is pretty amazing). Stick with that and stay far away from anything else.


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