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12/2/2020 (Wednesday, 09:41 PM):
So cool to see a livestream of The Streets even though it was on at 3 PM earlier. I bought a ticket anyway and watched it properly at 8 PM after work on my projector. Such an awesome set up and setlist! Oi oi oi! Pho and bubble tea helped too!


12/2/2017 (Saturday, 04:07 PM):
Had fun with a date playing Jenga and Bananagrams at the Board Room last night!

12/2/2012 (Sunday, 10:45 PM):
Finished up Season 6 of Skins. Hopefully I can find Season 7 when it comes out.

12/2/2007 (Sunday, 10:18 PM):
This weekend was spent watching Live Free Or Die Hard and getting caught up with the Beauty and the Geek tv show.

12/2/2006 (Saturday, 10:27 AM):
We had my company party last night. It was nice! I was psyched to hang out with Eve and Jimmy. Morton's Steakhouse was pretty yummy too!

12/2/2004 (Thursday, 01:45 PM):
This coming Tuesday will mark two years for me on Liveournal. Wow!

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