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12/6/2015 (Sunday, 04:08 PM):
Google for Kugle!!


12/6/2013 (Friday, 11:58 AM):
Nice day to work from home indeed!

12/6/2013 (Friday, 07:01 PM):
I really wish we all could just sign lifetime waivers for delivery packages to be dropped off at the door once and for all. So much for Amazon Prime giving me a delivery edge.

12/6/2013 (Friday, 05:22 PM):
I wish they'd come back to the 9:30 again, seen them twice in concert. I love Elbow and Guy Garvey is awesome!

12/6/2012 (Thursday, 12:05 PM):
I swear I've only had the Galaxy S3 a week and already it just won't turn on.

12/6/2012 (Thursday, 10:29 AM):
I'm out sick the rest of today. Stupid DC weather shifts.

12/6/2012 (Thursday, 09:21 PM):
President Obama's tribute to Led Zeppelin is all sorts of awesome.

12/6/2012 (Thursday, 08:43 PM):
Ordered The National calendar!

12/6/2012 (Thursday, 07:03 PM):
The Doors were so ahead of their time. Watching Live At The Hollywood Bowl for the first time and can't believe this was filmed all the way back in 1968!

12/6/2011 (Tuesday, 07:44 PM):
Sink still clogged. Frustration level minimal but rising.

12/6/2009 (Sunday, 10:32 PM):
The new 30 Seconds To Mars album reminds me a lot of AFI.

12/6/2008 (Saturday, 07:43 PM):
Going out to Philly tonight if anyone's around.

12/6/2007 (Thursday, 03:51 PM):
So glad they found that stolen Lloyd Dobler Effect trailer! Wohoo!

12/6/2004 (Monday, 08:14 AM):
I was late for work this morning and I just realized that since I was so half-asleep I'm wearing sneakers instead of regular shoes. Damn my grogginess!!

12/6/2004 (Monday, 04:43 PM):
Melissa Auf Der Maur's will be the next CD I buy. I heard a song of hers on Launchcast today at work, I really like it. The reviews are great too! Oh and she's ex-bassist of both Hole and Smashing Pumpkins. Pretty cool!!

12/6/2002 (Friday, 10:39 AM):
I finally bought some Kyocera 2235 software for my cell phone, $9.99 on Ebay. I'm hoping it'll be working for at least the week!

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