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12/6/2015 (Sunday, 04:08 PM):
Google for Kugle!!


12/6/2013 (Friday, 07:01 PM):
I really wish we all could just sign lifetime waivers for delivery packages to be dropped off at the door once and for all. So much for Amazon Prime giving me a delivery edge.

12/6/2012 (Thursday, 10:29 AM):
I'm out sick the rest of today. Stupid DC weather shifts. Ordered The National calendar, though!

12/6/2011 (Tuesday, 07:44 PM):
Sink still clogged. Frustration level minimal but rising.

12/6/2009 (Sunday, 10:32 PM):
The new 30 Seconds To Mars album reminds me a lot of AFI.

12/6/2008 (Saturday, 07:43 PM):
Going out to Philly tonight if anyone's around.

12/6/2007 (Thursday, 03:51 PM):
So glad they found that stolen Lloyd Dobler Effect trailer! Wohoo!

12/6/2004 (Monday, 04:43 PM):
Melissa Auf Der Maur's will be the next CD I buy. I heard a song of hers on Launchcast today at work, I really like it. The reviews are great too! Oh and she's ex-bassist of both Hole and Smashing Pumpkins. Pretty cool!!

12/6/2002 (Friday, 10:39 AM):
I finally bought some Kyocera 2235 software for my cell phone, $9.99 on Ebay. I'm hoping it'll be working for at least the week!

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